Another Anime 11 - Funny Faces the Anime

I expected them to advance far enough to know who the real dead one was, but I guess they rather hold that for the final episode. This made for quite an amusing episode, I wouldn't say scary, but definitely amusing. Yet again we get a week where they create "fake" tension. Misaki could mention who the dead person is during the duration of the episode instead of waiting until the end to do anything. At least it Akazawa didn't die... yet.

So Teshigawara ruins everything. He is the first to point the finger and try and kill someone. It is one thing to have deaths all around you and being used to seeing it, it is another to actually take another person's life. This was a bit far fetched, almost like they had to make up a reason why he should interrupt Misaki. During their run down the hallway, Misaki could tell them who the real dead one was, it seems to be pretty important knowledge to be sharing any chance you get.

Having the tape show up again, I had a epiphany. How was the tape able to talk about his experience with the dead one? In every other instance, memories, photos, year books, all memories related to the person seems to be gone too. It would be semi-plausible that the counter measure part of the tape would still be intact, but the part about his memory of killing should not. Yet another case of inconsistent writing, good mystery stories require a keen mind to not have plot holes...

Then we have the mass spam of student drones coming after Misaki. At one point, it isn't the curse killing people, they are killing themselves off. I would like to stop now to propose a solution to their problem. Assuming no one knew who the real dead one was, I would sit everyone down in a room, and leave it to a vote. The person voted most likely the dead person, would then get to vote 1 person to die before them as a chance to prove their innocence. That voted person loses their life to democracy while they get a chance at redemption, or at least kill off the person they hate the most. I see it as the most "fair" solution to the problem; Much better then a mass slaughtering. It just so turns out Misaki knows who the real dead one is, but this system would still work otherwise.

At least we had tons of bloodshed this episode, I guess next week we wrap up the season of Another. I don't want to spoil things, but if the dead person is the same person, this show will get a low review. They would have failed in many aspects that could have made the show great; Not like it hasn't failed to create a plot without holes. Here is to praying Akazawa survives somehow.