Last Exile: Fam 18 - Delicious Loli Tears

Since Commie and SFwhine seem to refuse to sub this episode, I caved and downloaded the NicoNico rip. It didn't take me long to regret this decision, this was the first thing that was subbed... It was probably because Nico rips are streams, but I couldn't get over the terrible animation quality all episode; It was almost like I was watching Symphogear. Either way, it was a mildly entertaining episode, only because they decided to step things up at the end.

Is it just me, or does this look impossible? How has that area under the bridges NOT filled with water? Is there never waves? Zero rain fall? They even give you a good view to see how this crumble bridge should have done nothing for helping the battle. They also neglected to draw the bridge that partially collapsed in the first battle. They put so much effort into the strategies in this anime.

Loli tears sure are powerful. It can bring 2 totally conflicting sides together, it had nothing to do with Fam. Why would anyone listen to a nobody like Fam? It was just funny watching the terrible excuse that was given to explain Luscinia's hostile actions. Anyone else found it funny that mass genocide is the solution to overpopulation? What he did was preserve his own nation which is fine, what was funny was Liliana helping "the cause" by killing off her own nation. She should be killing herself too... Oh wait, she did.

So they really are pushing that Fam is secretly nobility now. I have no clue what that guy was talking about, so I can only assume it was referencing the last season. On that note, we are 18 episodes in, we still have not seen Anatory take any real action yet. What was the point of doing a recap episode of the first season if it has zero relevance to the sequel?

Then we get our hilarious dramatic ending to the episode. When a character takes her time to poor out her reason d'etre and the sister even accepts it, you know she has an ill fate ahead of her. At least it pulls out the question, what will Millia do now? Will she follow her sisters footsteps or keep going around with Fam. At least this will lead to an interesting conflict of interest within Millia; It should be mildly interesting. I am still waiting for my Exile V Exile fight though...