Another 09 - Lightning Beams

This felt like such a slow episode. They dragged everything out from start to finish with nothing of importance happening this episode. I was still so surprised that the pace seems to have slowed down considering how fast everything was moving for the first while. Hopefully everything starts picking up again when they hit the core of the flashback story and the root of the problem.

OMG, this was just so ridiculously painful of an explanation. It was like they tried so hard to explain how the curse killed him, they forgot about the whole boat death. If  he was really going to die anyways, why bother with the boat at all? This just felt terribly written to explain things, it would have been better to have left it as the boat killing him.

Even in the most grim situation, Misaki finds a way to bring some moe back into the room. I still found it funny how simple of a hiding spot the tape was in. The first thing to do would be to open all the lockers and check desks and things. How did no other class before them notice something so glaring. Kinda disliking how these tiny plot inconsistencies are starting to appear. I guess I should have guessed when they used magical memory lose to cover their other plot hole.

This whole flashback recording time. Lightning doesn't work like that btw. In forest area, conducting the electricity rather then hitting those trees is pretty much impossible, especially when the amount of metal is so tiny. I just hated how they drew out the whole tap recording only to skip out on the best part. Label a tape with "How to stop the curse" instead tell people your life story, that guy is an asshole.

This was pretty funny though. The 2 girls thought they could avoid death by not going with them. Clearly going with them would label them as the extra characters and ripe for killing. They could still not escape their fate as extra characters. Though that crane perfectly hitting the brother is pretty funny. That would be a pretty rude awakening. I really hope this show turns out well but judging by how they seem to like to explain things with more plot holes, I think I am going to be let down greatly...