Guilty Crown 20 - Flashback Time

Loving these endcards they have for Guilty Crown. We got the fated flashback linking all the character's past together as I expected to happen. They were putting way too much emphasis on it for them to skip out on this. Too bad this was just badly put together explanation for all things, at least we will be having 2 major fights (possibly 3) as the finale of this anime.

So we get to meet the slut Shu's real mother. I wonder what major accomplishment she could possibly have? I mean they even mention she was pregnant already, there could be only one thing. So basically Shuichiro Keido just walked in on his sister having sex with his "best friend", awesome; No wonder he had such a grudge.

I am not saying it's aliens, but it is aliens. I couldn't stop laughing at this scene, so their explanation for his godly powers is that he is a harbringer of death from another planet? I was expecting something better than that. It is another example of them trying to explain things only to leave more plot holes in their path. With all their godly power to drop a biological weapon on the planet, you would think there would be better methods to accomplish the task much more efficiently.

I found this pretty funny. So Gai tried to escape his fate of being a puppet for Mana only to voluntarily do it anyways. So I guess the goal Gai mentioned that was unchanging was to be Mana's mate. Then the undertakers were created as a way for Gai to gather voids to feed back to Mana and revive her. Though knowing Shu was always the one fated to be "Adam", you would think if Gai really wanted, he should have eliminated him to increase his chances.

Oh god, that painful Souta moment, he should have just pushed Souta off the boat. They tried to bring logic in by claiming he doesn't need voids. Then I ask, why did he use it last episode? He clearly needs it to stand any chance or else he would be using guns this whole season like every other character. At least we know there will be a Gai VS Shu fight and later a Shu vs Daath fight before he dies for his planet. As inconsistent as the plot is, at least it is always amusing to watch.