Gundam Age 22 - Flint to the Rescue

Second post of the day, damn those subs making me do 3 posts on a Monday. At least this was a "fun" episode if nothing else, we had battle from start to end of episode. The best part was Flint actually joining the battle, something I did not expect. This arc is turning out to be pretty good other then Zeheart being absolutely retarded; They should have never had him explain his motives.

His reason is seriously terrible, he believes war will bring world peace? I always hated it when they thought this was a real means, what was funnier was when he told Asemu that he would never understand; No one sane would understand. It was interesting explanation for the X-rounder ability though, I am pretty sure they will expand on this further with a version of the skill that is on the evolution side and is better then X-rounder powers.

Jumping straight to Flint joining the fray, this is what happens when old people battle. It is much more boring then our younger pilots. It is just old geezers with old grudges. What was funny was despite taking so many hits, how did Desil's machine not explode? I think both Desil and Flint will be dead before the end of this arc. Flint will probably get revenge by killing Desil while Flint dies to Zeheart to balance out the Federation's imba power right now, force Asemu into a corner for him to unleash his true potential.

What surprised me the most this episode, was the random pilots weren't absolutely useless anymore. They were shooting down Vegans and even took down the ship without the help of the Gundam. Will this trend actually continue and a restoration to balance? I think this was just lucky that the balance worked out, I am sure they will revert back to their balanceless ways soon enough. I am looking forward to see how Asemu overcomes this glass ceiling, something you never see in Gundam shows. (At least the ones I watched)