Ano Natsu de Matteru 10 - Putting It All Out There

Hahaha, Lemon sure knows how to give a good laugh whenever we need one. After ending the episode on a rather happy note, this episode picks up right where we were left off. Kai and Ichika do all the cheesy and cutesy things that all couples are supposed to do: huddle up in close physical proximity, blush unapologetically, and get interrupted by an ageless condom dispenser. Though there were some rather melancholy moments during this week's installment, I think the overall tone of the episode was on the positive side because things are well on their way to being resolved, as far as relationships go.

Tetsurou, after being confronted by Mio, finally puts away his "manly glasses" mask in front of Kanna, reveals his motivations, vents his frustrations, and ultimately confesses to the girl he loves. Despite only seeing their size difference as teens, I think many of you would agree that it's not hard to imagine Kanna protecting Tetsurou from all the bullies when they were kids. Knowing your confession won't bear any fruit, but doing it anyway is a good way to break free from any chains restraining you from any future endeavors in romance.

This is another great scene of the episode right here. The parallels here are obvious: Tetsurou plays Kanna's role from the previous week, and Mio plays Tetsurou's role from the previous week. The idea of bravery was nicely touched upon. It certainly does take a good amount of courage to let your feelings be known, and to put yourself in a vulnerable position. Despite the risk of hurting yourself, you throw everything into the open because love is the grandest of the grand.

I think her scream here epitomizes the episode's message, if it wasn't hammered home already. All that pent up emotion bottled up since Kanna and Kai first met, since Mio was first introduced to Tetsurou, and since Tetsurou and Kanna were growing up together side by side, all of that went into a single scream. And to finally cap it off was the final confession. Despite knowing the outcome, she found release in it, and was proud that she was finally able to let her feelings be known. Now that every confession that needed to be made has been made, the pieces will naturally fall where they may.

The only wildcard left in the equation is whether or not Ichika will leave Earth. For some odd reason, Ichika's sister reminded me of Kai's sister, who we haven't seen since second episode. We've already seen Ichika stressing that what she's concerned about is the present, but as the film begins run short, so does her time to make the decision. Does the ED sequence really indicate that Ichika will leave? As much as it'd interesting for her leave, it pains me to not see a happy ending to what has been an enjoyable ride thus far.