Another 10 - The All Seeing Eye

God this episode made me so angry. Angry enough to actually read the spoilers since nothing effectively matters anymore. I won't spoil it and leave post on topics before I spoiled myself. Let me just say the reading the spoilers served to make me even more angry. I am reaffirmed that Japanese just utterly fail at writing any sort of thriller/mystery story. Such a good story ruined...

Well they made it pretty obvious this episode that Sakakibara was not the dead one. Instead they very discretely shifted it over to Akazawa. By showing that flashback, we know they met but neither of them remember each other. Does that mean they had a summer romance together that they both forgot? Spin-off story now? I hope they give this flashback a bit more background. If Akazawa was really the dead one, everythign would link together nicely. Her brother was the one that was in the class and she died for it which explains her brother being shut-in from sadness. It could also explain why Sakakibara does not remember his previous visit because Akazawa die while their love was blossoming.

It took them this long to realize the obvious. I would have thought that if they got rid of the extra, problem would obviously be solved. At least the tape confirmed the obvious and gave the characters a direction to move. I still hate the guy that recorded the tape, make them listen to his life story about guilt when he saved everyone in the class. I would be jumping for joy to be the one that saved everyone.

I guess I'll skip the middle part of the episode where deaths happen as usual and move to our flashback. What is better then 1 Misaki? 2! Seeing them together was a chance to give everyone heart attacks. So we learn that Misaki could have known who the dead one was from day one. This just hurt so much, if she could do that, why did she write on her desk? Not only that, when picking a non-existent one, why not pick the real dead person, that has got to be the key to ending the curse for good.

At least they clearly explained why the main character could not be the dead one. The first clear explanation all season, I just hate how badly things have turned. First with their terrible explanation for memory lose, now we have an all seeing eye that could have solved everything. The sad part is it gets worse just because of the way the anime adapted this show. This was such a great letdown, it is easy create a large amount of suspense, it is delivering the final punch well that really sets you apart.