Gundam Age 21 - Asemu Regular Pilot?

This actually a pretty good episode. We finally get to see Asemu's flaws. A seemingly perfect character is finally starting to come come apart. This is proving to be quite a good arc so far, much better then the first one. All they are missing now is some better Gundam designs and I this would be extremely entertaining. I think I am finally looking forward to Gundam Age again since Yurin died.

Matching these two off so early can only mean one thing, that other short guy is going to die. That other guy is all alone and starting to get a few lines with the main character. Just enough attachment that when he dies, Asemu can get super angry over it. Setting it up so when these 2 get married, they can pass on a new character for the next arc.

I was actually pretty surprised about this. So Asemu is in the same boat as White Wolf. A super pro pilot that is missing the god skill. I still think Asemu will unlock some skill like X rounder to fight by the end, if he doesn't, I'll be pretty happy; They might actually need to resort to tactics and strategy to win. Though I am sure that Asemu is going to unlock X-rounder tier 2 and 1-Up the Vegans. I am really liking him as the main character, much better then Flint that just won because his plot armor was so powerful.

That simulation, the perfect training tool for Asemu. I love that the main character can't rely on the insta-win skill and needs to train hard to beat the enemy that does have it; It is just an interesting take on things. The mock battle of fighting 2 was perfect. Everyone knows simulations are easier then the real thing, so if he can beat 2 of them, he might stand a chance against Zeheart.

So it looks like we will be getting a large scale battle next episode. I always look forward to how the random extras do in these fights. What I know will disappoint me is Flint won't pilot a suit. Being so overpowered with the X-Rounder skill, he could just take that Gundam out and kill everyone come back and keep the Earth safe. Instead Flint will be sitting on a ship screaming FIRE! hopping it will do something. Life sure sucks when you become a secondary character from being the main one.