Symphogear 09 - Slice of Life part 2?

Oh god, my heart...

Well, I guess I was wrong. This week was ANOTHER uneventful episode. The closest thing to plot was the 30 second segment revealing Chris' history; It wasn't that interesting either. This will be another short post due to my new addiction of playing Devil Survivor 2. God this game is so much better then the first one, I don't hate hate my whole team like the first one and I can watch as the shitty characters die and laugh!

So we get the majority of our episode dedicated to shopping and karaoke time. Btw, I hate Tsubasa's new outfit here. I was under the impression that this was suppose to be super dark action packed anime, this was just totally off. Throw in Chris' random moment of her past and we just hit 3/4s of the episode. It is like they are trying to convert over to slice of life for the final stretch of the anime and have Hibiki trip over a rock and die. (or maybe have her death faked) You seriously don't need 2 "break" episodes when nothing huge has happened...

I actually liked this outfit Tsubasa had. So she has finally started to accept herself and willing to move to an american label. Does that mean this anime will tie into the worldly matters and we get to see the evil deeds of  America as the final boss? It does seem like a viable solution. At least we got a nice new costume for Tsubasa.

Yet again we have an episode where the battling consisted of beating up more trash mobs. I am certain the final episode is where they will finally reveal Hibiki's weapon right before she dies. If they don't, I will call this show a failure. They did so much build up for it, it will feel like such a let down if all she does is punch and kick her way to death. So only a few more episode and still no hint that we are close to a climax of any kind... I still wish Symphogear had better quality animation. Back to playing Devil Survivor 2 I guess.