Nisemonogatari 9: *Insert title here*

I always find myself peeking at the timeline when watching an episode of an awesome series as this. Cause you know, time flies when you’re having fun. Also in this series, there aren’t really a lot of things happening, they got like 2 to 3 major events or scenes that make up the entire episode. Sigh~ I am yet again reminded that the series is about to end soon… I’m so sad face now.

Anyway, I found it irritating when Karen just added herself to team ‘Short hair’. First we got Hanekawa cutting her hair short for a reason that escapes me, then Senjougahara does the same saying it’s a symbol of her change, now we got Karen doing it for…. fun(?). Yeah, it’s just three characters getting a makeover but consider their character types. Hanekawa is the smart president type and her braid is a testament to that, despite it being cliché. Senjougahara is the ‘S’ type character and her long silky hair adds to her dominance and beauty. And Karen... well… she just makes the situation more obvious, other than that her character doesn’t really need long hair. But when I think about it sporty and athletic characters such as Karen do have the trope of having short hair so… she’s fine.

This was unexpected but apparently we are introduced to two new characters in this episode, now I did some research on who they are and fortunately wiki explained this without spoiling any story for me. Kagenui Yozuru and Ononoki Yotsugi, our two new female characters made their debut without any real explanation of who they are. However they leave us wondering how they know about Araragi and the situations behind him going as far as calling him Devil boy, Karen as hornet sister, and Hachikuji snail girl.

Now hopefully they don’t turn out to be enemies, but the entire series has never really had a real antagonist. Yes there was Kaiki, but I consider him only to be half of an antagonist. His objectives just collide with the lives of our characters. Kaiki versus our characters is more like someone unintentionally taking your parking space. You go up to him and tell him that that’s your space; He may give you a face but just leaves to bother someone else.

Along with the introduction of Ononoki Yotsugi, the small girl, came the idea that this series seems to favour lolis. Yea~yea there are now only three lolis in town and it’s highly implausible that Ononoki Yotsugi will be added to the harem but I’m not only talking about the small bodied loli. Aside from Senjougahara, Hanekawa and Kanbaru and maybe even Karen, all the other women in Araragis life (harem) are quite younger than him. Not that it’s a big problem but I would be nice if they added a OneSama figure or just a more mature woman to Araragis harem. And, by the way, it’s not very likely that they will add those female characters from reading the tittle of all novels of the monogatari series. Me sad face again (-_-)”

The event where Araragi called Hanekawa caught my attention being that Araragi was a bit too excited when talking to her. Yeah, he does think highly of her but to be that excited implies something more than just thinking highly of her. Also later in the episode he clearly says he does love Hanekawa then says it is Hachikuji that he will marry. In the end what I want to know is what he would do with the love he has for her, despite dating Senjougahara. HAREM TIME!

And on that “harem” note, this episode solidifies my theory that Araragi knows that he’s got a harem on his hands and is taking advantage of it, to some extent. Now I don’t particularly find it bad, it fact it’s nice to have a main character in a harem to actually know that he’s got a harem. I just hope that if Araragi acts upon his harem the romance and harem aspect won’t be blown out and as obvious as other series. I really~really love how the monogatari series keeps its romance discrete or just simply implied, for the most part.

Episode 9 now and two more episodes to go!!!!!!! No~~ I don’ wan it to end!!!