Aquarion EVOL [9-10] Can you DIG it?

Holes are awesome k
The highlight of the past two episodes was not the advancement in plot, nor was it the character development, then what was it Djr7? It was non other than the over-the-top countless times they referenced holes and general digging (I swear it was in the hundreds). The entire 9th episode focused on the relationship of Andy and Mr. Big Bangs (boobs). Turns out she was the one filling Andy's holes, err, that sounded odd, but the entire episode was about these hilarious "holes" situation. 

Could her ability be any more OP? She simply makes a hand sign and before you know it the enemy is dispatched without a single drop of sweat. Now that I think about it, these were the only characters who have actually died in this entire show so far, well at least they had some screen time before being brainwashed and ultimately meeting their demise at the hands of a hole filling Raeiglar.  

Boobs. What more can I say?
It kind of pisses me off with how this show was introduced with a huge deal of the abductors and why they, well, abduct. The fact that this topic of interest was so easily brushed off with a quick explanation shows they won't really be focusing on any serious issues at all.

Photoshop still pwns.
I was not expecting Jin to be able to easily infiltrate Neo-Deava, it seems just about anyone can do it by replacing a previous kids info card with your own picture over his. Fudo and the other higher-ups already knew Jin was infiltrating and just let him enter the school as a new student, and it turns out the guy is starting to warm up to the place. I was surprised with how awkwardly he handled being around women, but he makes a connection to the green neko girl (I still think it's a frog). I doubt he will switch to the Neo-Deava group but it will be interesting to see his departure from the academy and how this might effect him in future battles against each other. It threw me off completely when Cayenne announced Jin has an element power, this changes everything! No, not really, since this show is just dumb but awesome at the same time. 

The plot terms involve something about a true eve, repopulating their planet, and the interest of the Reiglars, but in all honesty who cares with the amount of epic silliness involved with this show.