Symphogear 10 - All Those Death Flags

With the death flag clearly raised this episode, I guess these last episode will string together the battles to our finale. They did a good enough job dropping many subtle hints this episode that it will be the last we see of the "peaceful" life. I still question why they seem to have so much trouble fighting the small weak noise, it should be childsplay by now. The power levels of these characters seem to be extremely inconsistent.

Why do they insist on having bad engrish in this show? I was so confused, the words she were saying didn't even make sense, I had to read subtitles just to understand what she was saying. They are really putting her out to be super duper mysterious scientist girl, though I am sure she will "redeem" herself before then end of this anime. Some secret magic tool she brings out to save everyone so everyone forgives her.

Am I the only one that found this absolutely hilarious? "We failed to get the real intel we wanted and all we have is a name. No worries, we got everything we wanted, we just need more intel and we win!" When you need to find more intel, your victory is far from assured, it means you don't know anywhere close to enough and running around blind still. Though they did make it quite obvious the chief was suspecting the scientist girl, it doesn't help when you do sound only unless you have something to hide.

Then you had this in your face death flag. Go on for a good minute about how you promise you will come back usually means you won't. Even without that first episode that foreshadowed Hibiki's death, it was pretty clear 1 of them would be dead from this scene. I just assumed something big was going to happen this episode, guess they are waiting for next episode.

I didn't even realize how tsundere Chris was until this episode. Literally every word that came out of her mouth this episode was super tsundere mode. Then we get more massive death flags. We get Hibiki joining everyone together, kill the one at the center of everything! What was funny was Tsubasa could kill 1 of the flying guys from the ground, why couldn't she do it for the other 2 ones? Power balance in this show is non-existent. It is hard to take this show even semi-seriously anymore, I can't even compare it to Guilty Crown anymore, at least that show stays absurd. Symphogear flips back and forth too much, I can't wait to wrap this show up and give it the terrible review it deserves.