Last Exile: Fam 17 - Pro Tactics The Anime

They continue down their streak of awesome tactics in this anime. The good news was we saw our first genuine good tactic this episode, but was quickly overshadowed by all the bad ones. All I wanted was to see the Exile ships battle it out, are they really saving that for the final battle? I guess my biggest gripe is still the terrible plot they put together for this show, this just brings shame to the first season.

We have a super heavily impenetrable fortress, so what do we do? Charge out and meet them in the open space! Who cares that they out number us! All these battles are meaningless anyways when the Exile dictates who wins the battle the second they are brought out. These trivial fights make no sense, just a waste of life. I am still awaiting Alvis to summon her Exile.

Not only do they charge out, they don't even let their fighters do the job. Clearly with air superiority, they could just keep bombing them until they were in front of their base. Not to mention, with a clear air superiority, they could just bomb the ship this guy was on. Instead, they attack some random escorts. At least the first real tactic was breaking the alliance apart by this commander was smart use of the situation. It was funny when the winged goddesses bombed the real flagship to strike maximum damage to themselves but didn't do that to the enemy.

The one thing I did like in this episode was Dian's line of their situation. With no home to return to, all they have left is to fight. This was well portrayed even until the end when they tried to stop Fam from delivering a ceasfire and end their "usefulness". I just found at least this aspect of their character very fleshed out, if only they took the same effort in their battle tactics...

Then you got the Slyvius just show up and shoot down 10 ships instantly. Why did they start losing the fight again? They have clear air superiority and the reaper ship on their side. On a side note, having air superiority of a battle pretty much guarantees the victory when they can have precision strikes on key ships to break the ranks, I still question how they were losing. Quite clear we are closing in on the end with the cast joining up again.

Seriously, HOW DOES THIS EVEN WORK!?!?! Crumbling the bridge produced MORE rubble then what was originally there. If it was so shallow, there would have never been an issue with hovering over the open space. To suddenly have the bridge defense be meaningless, they really had to try hard to push random crap out the door.

I guess next week is where they will explain why the ceasefire was agreed upon. At this point, I think this anime will aim to have that happy ending. They clearly do not care about the plot, so ending everything on that high note probably matters more; Especially since Fam is all about love not war. World peace will occur with no one dying and miraculously coming together. It just seems like that kind of anime... It will be painful to watch when it comes.