Nisemonogatari 07: Arc End~ Araragi x Senjougahara

And so ends the first of the two arcs we got in this series. A series that feels surprisingly short (-.-"). Anyway, I forgot to mention the fact the Araragi did kiss Karen in the last episode. Also, I have forgotten that in ep 12 of Bakemonogatari, Araragi and Senjougahara did kiss after their conversation. But to create a unique and different mood they decided not to show it. Hence, they did the same and didn't show Araragi kissing Karen. Really, its amazing how the director creates these events and puts them together in such a way that works flawlessly together.

We began this episode with what looked like a Mid boss fight between Araragi and Karen. At first I thought that the destruction Karen makes from her moves were caused by the weather-fire bee but apparently not so. She is capable of that destruction purely through her own strength. It was quite shocking to find out that as normal and ordinary Karen is, she is capable of doing some destruction. Yeah sure there are times in the Bakemonogarati series when supernatural powers and such were exhibited but that was only due to the oddity or supernatural being in that event.

Oddly enough, after the Mid boss fight, I was expecting a Last boss fight. But what was I thinking, Kaiki isn't that kind of person. So the fact that they just had a conversational fight was appropriate considering the character types of all three characters. By the end of the battle Kaiki simply leaves the the town. Now having Kaiki just simply leave town was somewhat unwanted, I was expecting some sort punishment to befall Kaiki, you know, just as crime never pays, crime must be punished. So him leaving unscathed was not something I wanted. But then again this is Nisemonogatari, and they made it so Kaiki simply leaving was not as uncalled for and unjust as others series would put it.

Now talking about Kaiki as an enemy, he is the quite the unique kind of enemy in the sense that his goal is small and simple, he wants money. This is coupled with his personality of wanting to stay in the neutral when it is clear that he is the enemy. He twists words and confuses his victims to make it seem like he wasn't totally at fault or not at all at fault, this gives him some room to escape. All this is complemented by this attitude of speaking in a low, uninterested tone. This makes him a character above ordinary characters. Personally however, his character uniqueness isn't that high, he does have a very unique character but in terms of likes, he doesn't have much appeal.

So after Kaiki leaves, Senjougahara seeks Araragis complement. This is where her tsundere side starts and seeks Aararagis comfort while pushing him into a corner and ending up more like how Araragi puts it, a "Sadist" or "Con Man" (I heard him say Sadist but the subtitle wrote Con man so...). But that's not whats interesting, by the end of the scene Senjougahara says these words "So... Be gentle to me tonight"   キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!   Now going back, they never showed Araragi kissing either Senjougahara or Karen, so we can't expect them to show anything even beyond that. So with Senjougaharas words and the fact that they won't show anything even beyond kissing, this leaves us to simply imagine what the crap happened to them that night. But then the next scene shows Araragi in his house the next morning, so I thought it was nothing. But I like to think something did happen, maybe he just went back to his house after or maybe Senjougahara is inside his room, cause all they showed was him just outside his room right?!

Outside note: Yeah I know this post comes up in a bad date since I post this just before the next episode comes  out. But really I can't find the time to do it in any other day than Saturday, and the next episode comes out Saturday night. Hence I have to wait till next Saturday to write this. Sorry bout that eh? I do try to write this when I can.