Symphogear 08 - The Final Calm Before the Storm

Those cellphones look so awkward, I guess I was wrong about the animation quality might be getting better. They moved right back into their crappy budget cutting art styles again. This episode will was clearly intended to be super peachy to start down the trail of gore, bloodshed and general sadness! At least that was what this episode felt like. 4 boring major scenes happened, all of them involved healing and patching things up.

I guess the first new pairings is Chris X Miku along with Tsubasa x Hibiki. These were relatively boring scenes for just pretending to build character, get them feeling close before killing them off soon. I mean, just last episode they introduced the new villain yet she made zero appearance. Even the battle was poorly done, just fighting random noise she be effortless.

I still can't figure out how Chris fits into all of this, she doesn't seem to have any death flags raised yet. The only certain thing is she will end up joining the good side. She has the best armor anyways, those machine guns are way too good at taking out all these fooder noise. I think Chris will be the only Symphogear to live through this.

I assume we will be seeing this photo at least once per episode for the remainder of the series; The last good times they had together. This was just an extremely boring episode for me, this is not the correct way to have a calm before a storm. That works best after a huge shocking event, their has been no huge events other then Tsubasa's almost suicide and the first episode. A short and boring post for a short and boring episode. I expect nothing from this anime anymore...