Last Exile: Fam 16 - Grand Strategy the Anime

After a 2 week wait from that recap episode, you would think that battle would have been a bit more grand. That seems pretty tiny for a build up of a few episodes. Also, why did they bother doing the recap last episode when Anatory wasn't even part of the battle, what a bunch of trolls. At least the minuscule amounts of battle we got this episode wasn't riddled with terrible tactics... oh wait, it was.

I kind of liked Sorush too. He had clear cut idea of how things should be done. He clearly thinks the way a commander should, Augusta was just a puppet leader to begin with. What I wonder is where the other 2 fleets went to. Wasn't the first fleet commander suppose to lead the attack? He was no where to be seen this episode. I was also under the impression that the fortress was suppose to be held by the allies, it makes me think their was a missing episode somewhere...

This is WAYYY to well defended an area to win. The obvious question was, why they would attack on the LONGEST NARROWEST path. The obvious solution would be to go for the shorter bridges where they aren't confined as much. It would be suicide to any attacker to go across the bridge with such a narrow bridge when the defenders could sit on the end of the path and watch a single file line run against hundreds of ships firing. Tactics still evade this show that likes to name itself after chess moves... How ironic.

I couldn't stop laughing uncontrollably at this. How they hell did Glacies get a new weapon? They were JUST CONQUERED. If they had a new weapon, why didn't they use it in that battle? Because with your nation demolished, you had time to come up with a new weapon and then mass produce it for the ships with the non-existent factories. They really didn't think this through did they?

This was a very nice touch at least. Watching Fam who would clearly be a great fighter pilot refuse to fight. She was always one for flying just because she could, not a warrior. At least the writers know what they are doing for the characters. Well thought out character personalities are nice, if only they could realize this show has the worst battle strategies ever.

The second they showed the flashback I was 100% sure 1 of them will die. Flashbacks for a character that isn't very core to the story is always an immediate death flag. I just couldn't guess who was the one that was going to die. This was a terribly anti-climatic end to the fight. Just random shots from both sides and then a winner declared. This show is not living up to my expectations at all, I think it was due to me watching Last Exile so long ago when I wasn't so jaded...