Gundam Age 19 - A new Contender Arrives!

I guess this arc can't be complete if Romary dies, so I guess this girl will be the fall back for Asemu this season. I had no idea she was a she from the OP, I was shocked to see that. It just felt like an introduction episode for the new characters, at least we will be moving back onto the ship setting where battles can erupt at any time. I am still thinking this arc will be much better then the last one, even the gundam looks better this season!

I guess this will be the last we see of the imouto. The only way I can see her coming back is being kidnapped. I think I am reading too into the last arc and expecting everything to happen again. Considering how much screen time she has had, I think her real role will be next arc. Another one of those ancient characters that will appear in the next arc to give advice. That or be stuck as a wife of one of the characters this arc; Random forced pairing like Emily and Flint.

Well I finally understand why their is only one "main" gundam. So the real key to the gundam is that remote that tracks data for the AGE system. I realized when they mentioned converting the first gundam to be usable without the AGE system. So why not re-create the AGE system? Some super system that can adapt and create new weapons and systems for the battle, it seems obvious to create more of that system. I guess that remote key thing is the real key to making the Gundam top notch.

So we get our new cast of pilots for this season. I am guessing before the end, White Wolf will die and one of those 2 new characters. White Wolf will be too old for another arc so he is effectively useless after this arc. I am guessing of the 2, the taller quiet one will die. It leaves the other one to have a kid and pass on to the next arc.

I can't tell if the new gundam has a shield or not, that small thing on the left arm seems to small to be a shield. It just looks like a hugely offense based gundam suit which suits Asemu perfectly. Asemu is just entering the scene with a bang, even shooting down 2 mobile suits in 1 shot. At least we get to see the return of Desil next episode. I wonder how they plan to have Asemu win, he hasn't even unlocked his X-rounder powers yet, or maybe this is where he unlocks it. It just seems hard to believe he can win without it, that or Asemu will be way too strong. I still think Romary won't make it out of this arc alive.