Another 07 - Another one Bites the Dust

Well, that was an interesting episode, it was like they could read my mind! They saw my speculation and shot my ideas out of the water! It is like watching Penguindrum all over again. This is definitely my favourite anime of the season, I just have to avoid the spoilers that are everywhere which is getting increasingly difficult to do. I still love how they found a way to work in an obligatory beach episode in such a serious anime, but that is next weeks post!

Other then the obviously extremely gruesome death, more so then the other 2 bloody ones so far, there was no one sitting in that front row seat. Nothing like anime bodies that hold 3 times more blood then regular bodies to spew it everywhere in the classroom. One thing I would like to point out was that Misaki Mei was not in a single screen pan while this was happening until the other teacher came in. I am not sure if they is relevant, but I found it pretty interesting. Maybe she really is the dead one after all.

I had to cover my eyes (well most of my vision) for most of this scene. I guess they felt 1 gore scene wasn't enough and put in a second one to make up for nothing last episode. Then again, I'd probably be having dreams like this too if I saw my teacher stab himself and not die instantly and need to push the knife further. Seriously, what was up with that? I probably wouldn't be able to fall asleep, that is where the cofee kicks in. Btw, where the hell did they find sweet coffee? Did they just dump in a large amount of sugar? Coffee doesn't come in sweet taste, just a sweet smell.

I spent last post talking about this exact thing as my speculation. For it to be address so directly was mind blowing. I guess if they are being so direct with it, it can't be the main character as the dead one... I think.  Now I am back to having no real based speculation on who the dead one is. My only guess left is Misaki Mei is the real dead one, a full loop back around just to throw everyone off. I still think it is odd the main character doesn't remember coming to the town a year ago though...

So we learn who Misaki Mei was visiting in the hospital in the first day. She mentioned that the person she was visiting was her "other self". I guess it kind of makes sense now. I mean, she mentions she doesn't like cell phones because she doesn't like to be connected. This may be a bit far fetched, but maybe it is linked with her being dead and doesn't want to associate with the living?

So I wonder, does this mean everything will be settled on the school trip? Throughout this episode they insinuated the truth lies 15 years ago in that summer trip. I guess before the end of the season, we will get a flashback of what really happened 15 years ago. I am thinking what stopped the dead person that year was linked to them figuring out who the person really was and putting them to rest. The story is still not fully coming together, there is still that possibility the main character is dead which is the binding string between the present and 15 years ago to tie things together. I guess we will see, I look forward to the beach episode!