Symphogear 07 - Enter Heavy Arms

Oh ya, new armor time! Finally seeing Tsubasa back in action was nice, especially with the awesome new armor set; I think this is the best set so far. We are finally moving into the final arc with the new enemy introduced. The better animation quality was noticeable, I wonder what happened since those first 6 episodes were pretty terrible.

The continued off from the battle from last week. So we learn she has 2 different sets of Symphogears, that seems a bit broken. At least the new set looks amazing. If she keeps using this set instead, I might like her more! At least this episode seemed to have a better animation, maybe this was where they plan to spend their money after all the budget cuts in the previous episodes. It was really noticeable as I took the screenshots and didn't struggle to find scenes that were decent!

With Tsubasa back, it was very different to see her openly acknowledge Hibiki. She is literally openly declaring her love for Hibiki now. How her personality changed so rapidly in 2-3 episodes, tsk tsk. I kind of feel bad how far she has fallen, even if she "thinks" it is an improvement. She used to be much more hardened, now she is weaker being held back by Hibiki. Regardless, I feel Tsubasa softening up will just lead to another great fall for her.

This whole scene just hurt so much. That imouto was just brutal to watch. Watching that girl flip back and forth between tsun-tsun and dere-dere all fukin episode. Not to mention this will probably be used at the trigger to get Chris to join up with the "good" guys and neglect her previous master. It is just brutal watching this scene and her character in general; I am questioning her purpose. She feels like a mid boss who's only job was to power up Hibiki for the final boss. I wouldn't mind if we get to see more of her new armor though.

Miku was just hilarious. "We can't be friends anymore!", I couldn't stop laughing. Not like this hate will last much longer. Miku will just end up forgiving Hibiki soon due to her intense lesbian love for Hibiki. After all, if she holds out too long, Hibiki will just fall back with Tsubasa who is clearly superior and will have lost her minuscule chance at Hibiki.

That clear obsession with Hibiki is amazing. Why does she need billions of pictures of her, I am 100% sure that does not help with her research. So from what I got of her speech, her end goal is to make it possible for everyone to use the Swan Song's power. She also had a decent explanation for how the Symphogear worked. I wonder her fate though, I am not sure she will end up on the evil side of things, just maybe be part of Hibiki's growing harem.

So the final boss is finally unveiled in her armor form. I seriously wonder why they decided to include more engrish dialogue in their anime, my ears are bleeding from their engrish. At least the guy speaking wasn't so bad but she was like... I guess that was why she went into voice acting, couldn't cut it in school. I just wonder if they will loop this back to the secret engrish speaking organization that is behind the scenes. I think it will end up being one of the small foot notes at the end of the anime like "We took them down too!" Owel, at least the animation quality went up this episode, that is a good sign.