Aquarion EVOL Ep 6-7 A Bleak Future and Ghosts

Another episode goes by without any large threat being addressed towards the Abductors.

I was sure that Mikono would be kidnapped, but it looks like that will happen at a later date, thanks to Amata's quick actions to save her. Once again Cayenne foresees Mikono and our red haired friend at some sort of black attire wedding, creating a wonderful sense of doom and gloom. I don't really know why Mikono is so fixated with wolf boy, but it does allow Zessica to step into the picture and play around with Amata.

That's deep.
There was quite a substantial amount of Shrade in episode 6. It was enjoyable finding out just how dark a power Shrade possesses. Shrade has been well defined by his actions and his past, showing some humor hidden within his elegant charm. I don't mean to go overboard with Shrade, but he is the only character with a real purpose at this point. While Shrade's powers far outreach Amata's or anyone else's, his body cannot handle this power when commanding Aquarion. Shrade's pupose or goal is to "play Aquarion", risking his own life, he has an interesting take on life itself.

The Chairmen definitely worries about Shrade more than anyone else, I still don't know why such a little girl is the Chairmen of the academy. On the other hand, the second in command Fudo, (I'm hungry for some reason) has this flare to him that makes him stand out from the others, he always has this triumphant look on his face, and every time he shouts "Element Change" I just crack up wit how over the top he is in comparison to all the worrywarts around him.

Your just afraid of the ghosts, why are out this late anyway?
It looks like they are trying really hard to push Zessica into the "other girl" role to rival Mikono for Amata's love. At first I thought it would be dumb to pit Zessica with Mikono, but now that Mikono has her own issues with wolf boy, I am hoping for some side flirting with Zessica. It's nice seeing that every character has some personal issues, and are not just blank souls filling in the roles the show needs. Zessica is actually a fun character and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her outgoing side contrast with little innocent Mikono.

This show is my favorite so far, there's never a dull moment with the characters, but I do find the battles to be quite lackluster.