Guilty Crown 17 - Need a Hand Shu?

Dear Diary, today was the worst day of my life. It started off swell, I finally got up the courage to fire this guy that was just using me but then everything went to shit. All the people I been abusing turned on me, who would have thought? Then super awesome Gai showed up, which was a dream come true to see him alive. I couldn't wait to tell him how hard I am trying to be like him but then he sliced off my arm and stole my powers.Now Inori will probably run back to Gai and everyone hates me too. There is no one left to love me with Gai back in the picture. I think I shouldn't have tried being Gai so hard cause I clearly can't. Sincerly Shu.

So we have Arisa slutting it up to steal power from Shu. The question was how did she have contact with the outside? She leaked the plans of their attack, there should be no way she would know Gai was alive either. The better question was why those secret service guys would betray Shu, they could easily taken their "payment" and just laughed in her face. They were pretty much as high ranking as it gets, hard to bribe someone that already has it all.

After acting like a tyrant as always, we get back beta Shu back in front of Inori. Those first few scenes were even repeat from the last episode. I know because I had a hell of a time trying to get something good for the screen capture. Regardless, Inori is showing more signs that Mana is influencing her. How else would she have that crazy rock sword attack? That and her sudden interest in Shu is clearly all Mana. Inori is all about Gai.

This was pretty funny because I mentioned it quite some time ago. So I guess he isn't a complete idiot. Too bad he fired the only one that could have saved him from the coup d'etat. There is a reason why puppet rulers exist, it is because they are too incompetent which is clearly the case with Shu. Regardless, it would have ended badly if Shu let himself be controlled like that, not like it didn't end badly anyways.

This was just absolutely hilarious. He has his minions run head first at the enemy with their crappy weapons and wonder why they are dying. He insists he needs to act like a tyrant and then cares about using students as decoys. What was more funny was how easy it was the second he grabbed Inori's sword. Have a student "claim" a path is opened yet he still had to kill 4/20 of them on his own. If he used the imba Inori sword earlier, he could have broken through himself from the beginning. It was all meaningless sacrifices to begin with, he just wanted to be a tyrannical ruler because he could.

I still found it funny when Shu was surprised about a coup. Treats everyone like trash assuming people will sympathize with your cause? It doesn't work that way. You wouldn't need a secret service if they understood why you were doing what you were doing. What more, he picked secret service guys that could be bought out, talk about a faulty foundation. Even so, the students are just as short sighted. Just because they get outside the wall, do they really think they could survive without the voids? If the walls have really been moving, the landscape outside the walls will be nothing but flat land, sitting duck for more mechs to come kill them. No worries Gai will save them though!

So Gai is back in super emo form. If he could take the king's power so easily, why didn't he do it earlier? Knowing how they love Gai, you will probably learn he is being forced to do this by holding Mana hostage. He turns out to be the good guy after Shu somehow kills him or watches Gai sacrifice himself for Shu again. Either way, they are throwing curve balls everywhere lately, I have no idea what they are trying to do. This would probably be better if their weren't plot holes everywhere, at least I am bound to be entertained by what crazy stuff they come up next. I guess you can't have so many twists when you need them to make sense. Anything can happen when they are pulling shit out of their ass, kinda like when I watched [C].