Get NA Tera CB 1 Keys - February 10-12th

All you need is a paypal account (don't need to pay, just need an account) and you can get the key with these easy steps:

1. go to IGN main website and look for the new Tera promo or follow this link directly the Tera promo.

2. Follow steps to create account and accept the 7 day free trial for IGN prime.

3. Put in Paypal stuff, don't worry you can remove it later.

4. After account created, go back to the promo screen and you can get your key.

5. Next, head over to to create an account there. Follow steps blah blah to create it all.

6. Enter code you got from IGN here:

7. The game should pop up where you see it on this screen. Just click download and you can start that up.

8. Now you need to remove your paypal info. Head to the IGN login page here.
Or you can follow Main > Profile > Settings > Account Settings

9. Scroll Down until you see this:

10. From here, just remove the renewal subscription and you are done. You will get a confirmation that you have unsubscribed in your email. Enjoy your CB1 of Tera. The IGN Prime comes with other nice goodies too if you poke around.