Aquarion EVOL Ep 3-4 re-cap

Sorry for super delayed posts, I'll try and wrap this up briefly. There are no spoilers here other than minor events that pay no real concern.

Well after my first initial amazement with the show, I think this is my favorite this season. A few things that stand out is that there really is nothing wrong with the show. The plot is steady, the characters are fun and brief, meaning no one is getting ridiculous attention. There is also a good deal of history surrounding the EVOL and Amato, as well as an impending doom for Mikono as foreseen by her brother Cayenne. The story seems pretty decent and makes for great speculation with what kind of conflicts could arise between the two dimensions. Basically Earth (I think it's Earth) is being attacked by another dimension they have labelled as "abductors", since they abduct people. These abductors reside on their home world Altea which seems pretty futuristic and more advanced than Earth. Our main hero Amato is able to summon Aquarion EVOL, which is a super combination of other Aquarias (giant robots) in what they call "union". He is the first to initiate a union between males and females, which is apparently not allowed. The academy he now resides in restricts any contact between males and females until the Berlin Wall is destroyed, romance, however is strictly prohibited.

If you haven't seen this show yet but enjoy any form of futuristic giant robot battles then you will love this one, mainly because the robot battles are not over the top and not the main attraction. The characters and story are pretty entertaining as it contains quite a few humorous moments. Another thing to note is that the quality is awesome.  

After watching these past few episodes it has come to my attention that they use alternative switching for each show, having one casual character progression episodes followed up with a super awesome combat and character resolve episode. Next time I hope to keep up with each episode and post here, but it has been difficult with massive university projects lately.