Nisemonogatari 04: Loli Overload~

Yosha~! Found some time to do this post earlier.

Shinobu Ishino

In this episode things pick up in the main story whilst we are introduced to two characters, Hanekawa Tsubasa and Shinodu Oshino. And if you know these characters from the first series then you will notice a huge change in either their look or personality. Now whether the said change is good or bad depends on one’s preference. But so far the changes presented in this series deems itself a worthy change and is something that would contribute greatly to the story.

Hanekawa Tsubasa

We’ll start off with Hanekawas change in hairstyle. The episode itself mentions nothing as to why she changes her hair, but like I said whether you like it or not is up to you. Personally I feel indifferent and like both styles. Though I’d say there will be a problem when she turns back into “Black Hanekawa (her split or oddity personality)”, because her Black Hanekawa form looks dangerously hot with her long white hair which complements her character type. So how would her Black Hanekawa form look with her shorter hair? I dunno… In the end you either love it or hate it but I love it as much as I loved the first hair style.

Now Hanekawa mentions how Araragi treats her differently from all the other girls. I’m guessing this is due to the events of Kizumomogatari which is yet to be aired. And I’d say that in that series Hanekawa takes on the role of major heroine and gets really close to Araragi earning his outmost respect and care. And it’s because of those that he tries desperately to protect her. Yeah, that’s not a very good thing since he’s with Senjougahara but I like to think his relationship with her is very different but still just as strong. This topic isn’t big but it caught my eye since Hanekawas role in the whole Monogatari story is significant and is in par with that of Senjougaharas.

Araragi says “-chan” at the end of saying his sisters name. That made me wonder why it was quite something to him and Hanekawa and this is what I’ve come up with. Supposedly Araragi should not add any honorific since he is their older brother and to add a “-chan” implies a close endearment in a different way. So adding that honorific might have implied closeness different from that of siblings. Then again, this is all just my speculation and theory. So I may be wrong. If you do know that answer please tell meh~

Senjougahara fears Hanekawa!?! From the ending of the previous episode Senjougahara became flustered from a phone call from Hanekawa. Apparently Hanekawa threatened Senjougahara that if she didn’t play nice, she’d take Araragi away from her. Surprisingly Senjougahara gave in, now remember Senjougahara is quite the dominant character and she was so easily tamed by Hanekawa from such a simple threat. Seems Senjougahara knows Hanekawa is capable of such and is not willing to lose her beloved Araragi. Oh~ the romance in this series is just flawless…

We finally meet Shinobu!! Yes she has a HUGE personality change but I figured dispite that, her change brought forth a more interesting addition to Araragis harem and brings the whole story up a notch then in the end gives us a better experience. So I think it’s a win and personally I love her new personality so much!

I am not a lolicon, but there is an exception when the lolis character type is just so irresistible and lovable (i.e. Taiga Aisaka of Toradora and Remon Yamano of Ano natsu de mateiru, just to name a few). You see, I usually end up loving characters based off their personality and type regardless of their looks (for the most part) and Shinobus is just the type that I love the most.

As you can see the relationship between Araragi and Shinobu is not all rainbows but they still can’t forgive each other for what one has done to the other. None the less they have a flawless chemistry giving off the perfect amount intimacy but reminding us that they still have this grudge within. In the end Shinobu is another one for Araragis harem and provides a different twist in character as with all of the other girls in Araragis life do.

I need to know what form of speech Shinobu has, that ridiculously hot way of talking just melts me away. I believe Shinobu has the same type of speech as Horo of Spice and wolf and Tsukuyo of Gintama and Horo ranks top one in my female character list. From the way she interacts with Araragi to her way of speech, she is right now one of the top female characters I love.

Though this episode didn’t have an opening song, we end it with another well-made piece. The story begins to pick up with Karens oddity being a bee and as I’ve known, Kaishu has got something to do with it. Again I’m, looking forward to what the next episode has in store.