Mirai Nikki Ep 15 - Vulnerable

sooooo ZOMG moment.
Again sorry for super delayed post. I will keep things light in hopes to get back on track.

Picking up after last episode, it seems Yuno is keeping her distance from Yukkii, but that only lasts so long when she has a diary depicting your every move. With Yuno out of the main group, Yukkiii once again has reason to fear Yuno, since she may pop out of nowhere at any moment and could do who knows what with her delicate mind.

She is quite frighting when defending Yukkii.
The group decides to help Yukkii out, now that he has a solid group of friends and isn't alone anymore the show has turned from its thriller roots. I gotta say the show is struggling with it's vibe. We were introduced to a lonely dependent kid with a psycho stalker, and now we have a somewhat capable hardened Yukkii with reliable friends. I think the show has lost it's murderous crazy touch, and instead needs characters like Akise to hold it together before our Yuno and Yukkii  importance goes overboard and no one cares.

I was happy that the newest diary holder was an actual diary holder and not some fill-in. This show would have gone downhill if they started throwing endless amounts of fake diary holders at me. The power that the latest diary holders had challenged Yukkii and Yuno's OP combination and proved to be an interesting fight, even though team Yukkii has only Yuno to contribute in a battle.

The end sets up for a return of Uryuu and this is sure to be an explosive episode for next time (pun intended).