Last Exile Fam 15 - Millia`s Resolve

Sigh, I hate when they build up some suspense and then skip the best part and go to the resolution. I was looking forward to the Exile V Exile fight, instead we skip the action and go back to the talking. It was nice to see Millia finally acting more like a leader for a second until she loses her composure again. I should have knew better then to expect awesome stuff in this anime D:

Hype up the battle between Exile ships and all we get is a bit of random wreckage. I hope when they battle Anatory, they won't cut that part out again. I just felt terrible to see probably the biggest hype up of this anime turn out like this. Last weeks battle was just random crap flying around with no tactics just so they could rush to the end suspense of the coming fight. This was almost as disappointing as the troll episode of Katanagatari.

This was exactly what I was thinking the second we saw the power of controlled exile. Without Liliana, clearly they could win the war with the exile alone. Then I think back and realize that Liliana destroyed her own nation with that power, what a terrible ruler. She could have just joined the federation without annihilating her own home town. She deserves to be taken down, not that I think Millia will be able to handle the responsibility of the exile either...

As supreme leader of Federation takes a break from conquering, I wonder what was hidden in these snowy lands. No doubt Anatory will win and he jumps in with whatever he finds to establish him as the "righteous one". That or it is a weapon even more powerful then the exile or control of the exile themselves. Either way, this will be a huge plot point that will lead to climax.

Then we move back to race time! Blind faith, when you believe Fam will win with nothing to support it, at least I know she will win because she is the main character, they can't lose! I liked the much more down to Earth cold Millia that could actually gauge what was needed. Too bad she flops back to being wishy washy by the end of the episode, how will she kill her sister now?

I seriously wonder where they are going with this. With no military power, you can't do much with political power. He just comes back and seizes power by force and install a new puppet leader to replace the last one. At least it gives Fam a chance to meet the loli leader and save her in the future. This cease fire means nothing without the military side agreeing to it too. I really wonder how they plan on making this actually work. For now, back to trying to install Icecream sandwich on my Nexus S.