Nisemonogatari Ep03: Senjougaharas Wrath

Ok as you may have noticed, this post only comes out every Saturday. Well, that’s really just because I can’t find any other day within the week to write this post. I’ve got my hands full with college and stuff. And “OkamiSans Weekly Rants” will come put every other week instead because as I’ve mentioned, I quite busy.

Moving on… We’ve got a few things going on in this episode. I don’t know about you guys but in the first scene we got to see how much of a blockhead Araragi is. We’ve also got a new OP, well kinda. Then we’ve got a new character, Kaiki. I did some research on him and his appearance is quite significant in the entire monogatari series. And last but not the least we got a good look at Senjougaharas jealousy.

So Araragis conversation with Kanbaru confirms the fact that Araragi is a blockhead. He can’t seem to feel the love that the other girls in his life are trying to get across. And that’s not something very impressive. I mean, a MC being that sort of blockhead is already overdone and we see in a ton of other series. With the different character types and styling in this series I expected the MC to be quite different as well. But in the end it works out quite well. That blockheadedness of his creates a sort of boundary that separates him from the girls and allows for a longer and more compelling story where each girls tries to capture him while another main story is being told (I.E. Sengoku trying to seduce him while the story “Karen bee” is going on).

I’m sure you know that each seasons series come out with only one opening song. But in this Nise series and with the Bake series, you may have noticed that its got three or more opening songs and animations. This just means that the series has been given a BIG budget. If you watched Carnival Phantasm (and I highly recommend you do) you will find that one of its episodes talk a bit about how more fluid animations equals more money. And if you watch the series carefully you find that its got really dynamic camera angles, and a ton of animation. Couple this with the number of cut scenes and you’ve got a series in need for a lot of money.

So we’ve got a new character, Kaiki Deishuu. I’ve done some digging on him but I’m not gonna say much to spoil it for you all. All I’ll say though is that he, Oshino, and this Guillotine Cutter guy went to the same club in University and so they are quite adept in the supernatural. Now this Guillotine Cutter is someone we will get to know in the Kisumonogatari series.

I asked for more Senjougahara air time and they delivered. So here we get to see wrath of Senjougahara when she’s jealous. And I’m amazed at how much Araragi can take. They are quite the “S and M” kind of couple, don’t you think? I don’t know about you guys but I still love Senjougahara, her character is just so well made. And her character type is not something one can easily describe. She is somewhere between a tsundere and a yandere. Despite how harsh Senjougahara can get, the way things go in the episode are so well done that the romance and chemistry just click and I can’t help but love the couple. One of the best romance scenes that I’ve yet to see in the series is the part where Araragi receives a text message of help from his sister. And in that scene Araragi and Senjougahara are willing to fight each other just to protect the one they love and the fact that they are will to do so is also the reason they love each other. There are quite a lot of things I love about the couple but I’m too lazy to analyze what exactly it is.

We end the episode with a big thriller where we see Senjougahara in quite a panic trying to stop something but it just turns out to be Hanakawa. Hopefully we get to see her in the next episode. So this episode seems to have ended without anything concerning the main story “Karen Bee” but that’s not so, there is significance in the intro of the new character, Kaiki. Just as he is described by Senjougahara, he will be stirring up quite a fuss and help create a story in this series.