Last Exile: Fam 14 - A Product of Advanced War Tactics

Well it was an episode filled with explosions from start to finish. Too bad the episode was spewing with terrible tactics that I could not ignore. It was like they were rushing to show more explosions with little care of how badly the battle was fought. I guess this is what happens when you sell your show with a full female main cast. Who needs logic when you got lolis just flying around everywhere.

So we start our episode with the obvious destruction of the vanguard. This was very obvious to happen from even the last episode, nothing like cleaning removing the old regime that you conquered. I still find it funny how oblivious they were of being fooder. They thought they were actually trusted by the federation when they really meant nothing.

Like any other battle, the tides flip constantly. The whole squadron of prize fighters were shot down in an instant. They lost squads 2-12 instantly with only 18 ships left over. Assuming 3 ship squads means only 6 squads lived. They sent more then 2/3s of their full force in at once, their is a reason why armies attack in waves. This is to prevent them from being wiped out all at once. Great tactics killing off all your crazy prized winged maidens at once.

You would expect the tides to flip right away but it changes back in an instant. What kind of GENIUS idea was it to pull up your nice long range artillery guns when they are right on top of you? Artillery clearly works best point blank, that way you can't miss! The only real reason I can think of doing this would be to surprise sink the flagship and a last ditch attempt;  Sacrifice the artillery for a devastating precision strike. They failed to even do that.

Engage the Iron Curtain! I found this hilarious. Way to sacrifice everything you own then go "Oh ya we can't be killed anyways with this!". Great strategy to sacrifice things for no reason. So our show will devolve from a show of flying vanships to Exile V Exile fights. Does that mean we will get Alvis coming in with another Exile ship to fight too? Way to raise the bar to an unreachable level for any of the other battleships. They just made the whole show about super weapons and removing any smaller unit. It is almost like I am watching Gundam now. I guess I am interested to see them battle though...