Guide to Playing JP Tera Online!

Take that Boring Moretsu Pirates this week D: 

So I came across a guide to play JP Tera but it would only last for 40 hours and limited to January. It is a good chance to try out the game before the CB testing starts for NA and Europe. Official english launch slated to come out in May 1st. You can sign up for the CB for NA here and Europe here.

For those that do not know what Tera Online is, it is an action based MMO which I believe is the future of all MMOs (not shit like SWTOR). That aside here is a huge archive of videos I copy pasted here of the game if you were interested:

Here are some of the key features for those interested:
- Open world
- Realm vs realm PvP
- No factions FFA
- guild vs guild PvP
- large field PvPvE
- guild housing
- True action combat
- Collision detection
- Political system
- Bounty system
- Amazing graphics/art style
- Clean and fully customizable UI
- No grind

I haven't tried it yet but I'll throw up an initial impressions once I get in game and play. So here is what you need to actually play:

First register an account by following the instructions here.
The tough part of this is filling out the JP captcha, I used this to help me find what I needed faster.
Then you follow this guide to actually download the game.

You must have your DISPLAY LANGUAGE set to JP for this to run. This changes your whole operating system to JP version (start menu and such). This only works for Windows 7 Ultimate.

Otherwise Follow this:
Download Daz Loader
Change License to UltimateReboot
Install Japanese Language Pack
Change menu dialog to Japanese
Log Off and Log back in

Great features to come

Keep in mind the download is 25GBs and the game does need a decent machine to run it. I am still in process of downloading the game now, I will try it tomorrow hopefully. Keep in mind this will only work up until February when the promotion ends since it is a pay to play game.