OkamiSans Weekly Rants: Too much good anime for 2012

So this is where I’ll go ahead and rant about anything that came out within the week and catches my interest. Though some topics might not really be from within the week… However, I’m not gonna talk about Nisemonogatari here since it’s got its own posts.
Here we goes~


Another: I’ve always admired how the Japanese make their horror and thriller films. They know how to build suspense and know the perfect time to scare you. “The Ring” and “The Grudge” are a statement to that. It’s might still be too early to say this but “Another” is a series that knows how to do the same.
So far the series has been a great experience. Its art, backgrounds and sounds complement the mood and feel that bring up a good horror series. The pacing may seem slow but is perfect for building up the suspense and this episode ending was just an awesome build up. I just love how Mei slowly takes out her eye patch only to stop and end the episode. Also love how they place photos of freakishly scary dolls between cuts just to give you a bit of a scare. Really looking forward to this show!

Highschool DxD: Fan service in this series is just WAY too much for me to handle. There’s just so much that it’s overdone and downright outrageous! I’m sure there are a lot of other anime series that take the same path but this series took every overused trope one could find and put it together it scotch tape. The series story in itself leaves much to be desired though it could still come out well. But on the other hand the series just seems to focus itself on worthless boobs. Also, provided that the animations and art aren’t well done, I’d say that this low budget series has nothing to show for itself. Except for boobs… (-.-“s)

Gintama: Now this is just something I want to make sure you guys are watching and if you ain’t watchin’ this series yet then you don’t know comedy even if it dumped on your face!!

But seriously, this series just brings comedy to another level placing every plot, every punch line, and any random thing together perfectly to make you laugh like never before. I can’t exactly put to words the awesomeness of this series comedy but, just watch if for yourself and you’ll understand.

Another great feature of the series is that once in a while they bring out a very serious story arc with blood and gore. Now blood and gore plus level 9000 comedy may not go together but here it just does. The creator of the series knows exactly how to meld both genres together so that they complement each other to create a flawless ride.

Guilty Crown: For the peoples consideration and information - I know some are saying that the series was made by the same person who created Code Geass. But that’s not the case, Guilty crown was written by Hiroyuki Yoshino while Ichiro Okouchi was the associate series compositor. In Code Geass however, Ichiro Okouchi was the writer while Hiroyuki Yoshino was the associate series compositor and screenplay.
Series itself has got a huge budget leading to some awesome scenes and great artworks along with some famous music but let’s be real here the first half of the series was just crap. Crap because of the ass-wipe main characters and a stupid way to end plot points. So we got Shu, our an indecisive wimp of an MC, accidentally getting an awesome power then blindly following Inori into the “Undertaker” organization simply because he likes her!?!? He never even considers the fact that he will have to fight and may have to kill people, but noooo~ he like her so he blindly follow her, yeah? Inori on the other hand is just this sex figure always wearing this revealing suit even in battle just to lure both Shu and a bunch perverted viewers. On the other hand they just keep glorifying Gai, why didn’t they just make him the MC?! I was just like “FACE PALM” for every new episode they brought out.

BUT, yes that’s a big BUT, I don’t think producers are dumb enough to put in a ton to cash into a crap story right? So despite my hatred and rage for this series, I’ve always had hope that this too shall pass! And I’m talking about character development and change. As soon as I knew what type of character Shu was and the amount of money put into this, I knew that he is to develop into a good character. So yeah, much like Simon from Guren Lagann, Shu will change from an ass of an MC into some bad ass after having experienced a really-really bad ordeal. In this case, Gai dies and that event was quite obvious. Now things are going well, the story has picked up and has gotten very intriguing, Shu is changing and is on his way to glory (sort of~)!!
So for now, though I’ve hated the series a lot, I’d say this series is going extremely well and is worth watching. Kudos to the writer for making me ride this insane story and making me both hate and like (not love) the series.


Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean TV series was announced a while back and I just thought you guys might need the heads up. Sources say it will be aired this April 2012 and will center on a boy named AO.

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia TV series was also announced for April 2012! Lol, the Author of the manga is a Hentai writer as well. None the less, I read the manga and is definitely worthy of an anime make.

Zetman TV announced for April 2012, too! Now the manga itself is very controversial and very mature with blood, gore, sex, violence and the like. Now I suspect that this anime adaption of a manga that is very mature could get its features, genres, and themes (i.e. blood, gore, sex, violence and the like) toned down to meet regulations and such. Now whether that’s a good or bad thing is… debatable. Still, a series to look forward to!

Medaka Box TV series announced for Aprill 2012, as well!! AWESOME~ hopefully they do their best and keep the art style as close to the manga style as possible. Because as you might have noticed some if not most anime adaptions of a manga lose their art style. This is a must watch, well kinda, the more interesting arcs are after the first one and this series will likely just end with the first arc in the manga, me sad face. Fun fact: the story was written by Nisio Isin, writer of Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari!

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito is a movie not a series! Quite a bummer not so much, as long this story is good then I’m happy face.

According to Yoshitaka Kawaguchi, producer of the Code Geass anime franchise, a Movie adaption of
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is being planned. I’m not too hyped up for this one as well since movie adaptions usually get their stories changed, much like Gurren Lagann. Just hope that if they do bring this out then they stay true to the legendary story of the anime series.

So yeah~ Thats all that i care about for the week, hope you liked the post! And it looks like this years anime is gonna be somethin'!! News courtesy of “The Akiba” and “ANN”