Gundam Age 15 - The Journey to Become Shin

Being random mechs sucks

We finally reach the conclusion of the arc with the destruction of the base. We are finally revealed to the truth of the UE's unknownness. So will they be referred to as KE (known enemies) now? Or are we gonna call them scum because they are Vegans lulz. Regardless, we are clearly steering Gundam in the emo like Shin Asuka route for Flint. He is almost a replica by the end of this episode.

How has this guys luck NOT run out? On the outside, we have raging battles still, that ship is just a sitting duck like that, I am surprised it wasn't destroyed. I still question why they even docked on the station with their flagship with no real protection before all the outside troops were destroyed. Also, why did the space station have no weapons to arm themselves? Even carrier class ships have weapons... What a crappy base. it was designed to fail.

Quickly jumping through our battle sequences. It was a terrible battle to begin with, that guy just sucked piloting a mobile suit. I guess this is the prelude of these new suits being the new "standard" crap that will get smashed apart for the rest of the season. Remember the Destroy from Seed Destiny that happened to be the same episode Shin's lover died too? The first destroyed was a tank and then the rest fell like paper, I see the same fate for these.

Finally we hit the core of the episode, our Vegans are introduced. So we learn they were abandoned humans from a failed Mars project. I just found it hilarious how they were looking to conquer Earth out of vengeance yet claimed Flint and the captain were being petty. At least it makes sense why the federation never acted against the UE, they didn't want people realizing the truth and decided to ignore them hoping they will go away. At least now we have a name for the new enemy boss.

So Flint is following Shin's footsteps. Falling for a girl, even getting that one episode where they play around before they are separated. He even states has the whole warped justice and vengeance in mind. I guess the one part making him better is no one is pulling his string... at least for now. I am sure we will be seeing the Yurin flashback for the rest of the season that it will feel ridiculous.

I actually really liked how they ended the arc off. The captain was cast off as the bad guy while the federation took all the glory. The final line relating the current situation with the past Mars event just blended it in perfectly. It might be a prelude for Flint to switch sides to join the UE by the end. The question is what happened to Flint and his Gundam, I assume his mech would be commandeered. At least seed ability is universal for both sides. I look forward to the time skip, it was nice end to the arc.