Another 03 - Pointy Umbrellas

Super late post, I blame playing Tera online, the DDL sites all being gone and Chinese new year family stuff. In Canada, all p2p internet is throttled leaving for slower torrenting during peak hours D: Back to the episode, they quickly picked up the pace quite a bit this episode as things just start rolling down the stairs (har har har). I admit I spoiled myself when I had to know what was under the eyepatch.

So basically her left eye is fake? At least that was what I took from that we are reaffirmed that he was the only customer in the shop again for those that didn't pick it up. She is certainly still a mystery girl, at least she explains the circumstances that we are already exposed to in the prologue. It doesn't explain many questions as you still don't know what the curse is and all the oddities. Just who is Misaki?

I still can't believe anyone can fail to get into high school, I guess cause everything is spoon fed around here. Failing public school is unheard of unless you are outright trying to fail; Even then you will probably pass. I guess getting to any high school isn't the point as they want specific ones. Nothing like over here where all the schools are equally crappy.

As the other students find out the new kid has some basic knowledge of what has happened they seemed pretty alarmed. I am pretty sure with such a prominent curse that they are adamant on stopping, you would think other people in the town would be able to help him more. He should be able to find more people other then Misaki for more information. My first step would be use records of the past year 3 classes and try to get them to talk.

Finally Misaki confronts her lack of presence. Funny how you have to leave it to her to bring it up. One thing you do notice is she had a test paper on her desk so the teacher does acknowledge she needs to take the test? At this point her existence is clearly still up in their air. There are subtle things leaning that either things could be the truth.

I saw this coming yet still couldn't help but pause as my heart was not ready. The anime is moving at a startlingly fast pace considering the chapter are 40 page chapters and they blazed through 4 chapters which is extremely fast when one episode usually only covers roughly 30-40 pages. If you get slower crap they can manage to drag on 20 pages for a full episode. I think we need to start having warning signs on our umbrellas to warn of such hazards. I still wonder why she turned so abruptly like that and went the other way.

I might have to skip an episode post since I am too far ahead after reading the manga and and can't make speculations without ruining it for those that haven't. This is looking extremely promising but it looks like they are trying to push for 1 cour which will leave everything rushed. It is two volumes long, are they going to just cut out half way and have a season 2? It just feels like way too much content. I am also realize classifying this as horror is probably incorrect, it fits the thriller category perfectly. You are constantly at the edge of your seat in anticipation, I can't wait to see how things unfold.