Brave 10 - Ep 2 - Still watching it

He ain't kidding.
It looks like Sarutobi will get a a lot of screen time next episode, in what hopes to be an epic battle between him and some sort of snake mistress that can make exploding giant snakes.

Well I must say I was not entirely sure I would keep watching Brave 10, but there is one thing about the show that I do enjoy.

Although the fighting is OK and cast of characters is decent, what I really enjoy is that the perspective of the show is really focused on the main character Saizo. Unlike Phi Brain where the perspective is all over the place and consist of a disconnection between Kaito and the events that surround him. I find that there is a unique connection between Saizo and the world of Brave 10. I really think I understand Saizo as a person, and I'm only 2 episodes in. I guess my personal connection to Saizo is what I enjoy about Brave 10 thus far.

Run Saizou RUN!!
This episode was pretty decent, there were more subtle events showing Saizo's personality which I enjoy. On the other hand I think I am annoyed by Isanami. I find she is almost too attached toward Saizo for no real reason at this point. I am hoping for some explanations of her odd powers she displayed in the previous episode, as well as her headpiece that emits some sort of strange aura at times.

Ana was introduced as the childhood friend of Saizo, however she appears to be very independent, unlike Isanami. There is no doubt that Ana will play a role in the bullying and making fun of Isanami, which I look forward to see. Isanami sees Ana as someone who would take away Saizo from her, not that Saizo wants anything to do with Isanami mind you. With the arrival of Ana and her ice powers I really hope this show doesn't depend on a lot of magic for the fight scenes.

Hanzo is the villain at this point, I'd say he has enough baddassery, yes that's my word don't steal it! 

Withe the additional characters and revealing of the super powerful ninja Hanzo, I am pleased with the pace thus far, and I can say I will be watching this show weekly.

The humor is there, and it 's subtle enough to be enjoyable
I will continue to watch and blog about Brave10 at the moment, as it is quite enjoyable with it's cast of characters and interesting time period.