First Impression: Aquarion EVOL

I was blown away when watching Aquarion EVOL. The quality was brilliant, and the backgrounds were breathtaking. The fight scenes were equally awesome in terms of visuals. This is probably one of the best looking shows I have seen. The story has really grabbed my attention and just about everything the show delivered caught my attention.

Does this look amazing or what?
I have not seen or heard anything about the first Aquarion show but apparently this one takes place 12,000 years in the future and it's a whole new group of characters. One thing that is pounded into your brain from watching EVOL is the recurring, "I'll wait for you for 12,000 years" saying from a movie that Amoto is fixated with.This saying, as well as "destiny" appear to be key themes for this show as I'm sure they will be touched upon later on. The plot was well established and the setting really helped immerse myself in the Aquarion EVOL universe.

Amato and Mikono
Now for the characters I am pleased to say they all intrigued me. Sora Amato is our main character, and I must say, I like his personality so far, there's nothing over-the-top about him. Amato tries to act like a regular guy but has this weird ability to float or "fly" whenever he gets excited, and therefore needs to put weights in his boots. The one thing that bugs me about him is his outfit, it really doesn't fit in with the scenery and reminds me of some sort of fashionable post apocalyptic desert look, but that's just me, orange vests are weird imo. Our second character appears to be the girl he will fall for, or has already fallen for, Mikono Suzushiro, although I'm not sure which is her first name. Mikono comes across as the type to be a damsel in distress, a bit weak but has some personality, or hopefully develops some in the coming episodes.

Zessica's personality right off the bat, the characters are easily likable. 
The rest of the characters easily distinguished themselves with their own characteristics and personalities. The characters were quite enjoyable and I can't wait to see how this show unfolds.

A few things to note from the first double episode.

Guize Stone's are the Chasity belts that prevent the female piloted and male piloted Mechas from combining in a way (called Union), apparently this is forbidden as they don't even allow females and males to enter combat together.