Guilty Crown 12 - Lost Christmas

Even in the end, Gai gets the girl. They took their time, but they finally revealed what happened on lost Christmas after holding it from us for such a long time. After a three weeks of break, they finally decided they were bored of making a trash anime and decided to finish the arc with a bang, or stab in this case. I still don't think this anime has much hope though. This good episode was probably a fluke, after all, next episode is going to be a school festival. First thing I want to do after losing my friend is to go to a school festival.

We are quickly introduced to the sister we have seen so many times. I can't say I like or hate her just because we really don't know anything about her other then the fact that she is into incest and was the start of the virus from touching some crazy stone. I can only assume that the virus had to find a suitable mate and the brother fit the right specifications so the virus in the sister was forced to go after him shown by her last words before she .

Then we had Gai being absolutely useless. I didn't see that gun backfiring, I guess Mana just wanted him out of the picture for good. He was just intruding on her love. It was kinda funny how the roles were reversed in the past. I am wondering Gai's past now, how did he end up on a beach full of bruises? It was still funny how he wanted Mana but was denied openly. Guess he wasn't always as suave as he is now.

As always, Ayasa comes to save the day! I still wonder how they even got in. When Gai told Shu to follow them, they made it sound like it was the only way in, then they just blow a hole in the wall, why would you need to follow your enemy so close then? Standard tactics to go in as a group. I wonder what will happen to Ayasa now that Gai is dead, will she join the new Shu harem? That was the most useless void Gai had too. A long range version of Shu's hand <.<

I guess this scene was the biggest OMG moment on how their roles were reversed. The giant push of how Shu always wanted to be like Gai flipped around so nicely here. I wonder if this was planned in the beginning or they noticed the rocky start and flipped it around. Their is no real forshadowing of the past for him. The interactions between him and Shu never hinted they knew each other or he even idolized him in the past. It was a nice twist regardless if it was thrown together.

So I guess Gai is finally dead, I am not too surprised though. Usually when a character is too good and mentoring the main character, their fate is sealed. They are game breaking and need be be balanced by death. At least he ends up getting the real girl he wants and not the Inori knock off that Shu is stuck with. I still can't believe Hare didn't die. From what it looks like, next episode will be a school festival which I have no clue how it will fit in. Maybe even a time skip after this, I doubt Shu will man up though. Shu will be Shu after all.