Symphogear 02 - Super Emo Tsubasa

This whole episode was purely to show how jaded Tsubasa had become. This anime still feels pretty forced drama at this point, but it does have some decent flashy battles so far. I am pretty interested where they are going with this. Being anime original just serves to increase my curiosity of where it is going. Even though I am loving the battle stylizing in this show and songs, it hurts to see Tsubasa act like this all episode.

This was a very anti-climatic start of the episode. It looked like she was going to go berserk with her new powers from last episode, I guess the armor is easy to control. At least she didn't pop into the suit knowing how to use all the skills with it. I mean she couldn't even summon her weapon which I assume should be a spear, seeing her inexperience was a very nice touch.

I still don't see the point of handcuffing her. Where was she going to run off to? I think they were just building meaningless drama to scare her for an unknown reason? I mean, if you are planning on recruiting them, handcuffing is not a good way to make a first impression. At least the leader had the right idea, it was funny to see her get handcuffed a second time though.

Yuri time! So this was part of the inspiration for the start of this first episode. It was pretty clear that best friend saw Hibiki as more then just a friend. I wonder how this will develop when she has to fight Tsubasa for Hibiki's love. Tsubasa just acting super tsun tsun for Hibiki now, it will flip to dere dere soon enough. I wonder if she will play a larger roll in this story or forever left as a nobody.

Then some Tsubasa fanservice time as she reflects on the past. I imagine we will be getting a lot of flashbacks of Kanade to keep her in this story. I think it was very nice to see just what sparked her deep hatred and cold attitude all episode. I wouldn't agree like to see the girl that was saved by the death of my best friend either.

At least they took the time to explain how their super powers work. Nothing like magic stones to create super powered armors that can do anything. Then tie it all together that you must sing to activate it, at least they came up with justification on all the singing they will be doing all season. I have always loved insert songs in my anime so this is probably one of the huge driving forces for watching this anime. Based on how Hibiki got her powers, couldn't they break off pieces of their armor and insert them into everyone to have a larger fighting force against the noise? I think I am being too logical again D:

So we end the episode with a bang. Tsubasa finally acting on all her emoness she displayed all episode. No doubt for her own satisfaction of revenge for Kanade. Much like how this episode started, I doubt it will amount anything though. Just a meaningless cliff hanger to get people to watch the next episode. I despise when they do this but I will still be following it next week. We might even finally get to see Hibiki's spear and actually fight next episode!