Ano Natsu de Matteru 03 - RomCom Bread and Butter

A couple days late because of school stuff, sorry. Well, I think it's pretty obvious what the bread and butter is: misunderstandings. I don't really like how the device is used most of the time, because it really doesn't lead us anywhere. Here, I didn't mind it as much because of what we got at the end. Romantic comedies in general are extremely character driven, and I think it's something that this show does well for the most part.

For the previous post, I wrote that the almost-confession at the end was sort of a cop-out, and well, it sort of was. The fact that it was a misunderstanding didn't even cross my mind for some reason. He thought she rejected him, and she thought he figured out she's an alien. And this is what basically what the entire episode ran on: events leading up the misunderstanding being cleared up. In fact, I think Kaito put it quite nicely himself, "We don't understand each other sometimes."

Something that I like about the characters of this show are that they are a lot more preceptive than they may seem. Mio is well aware that Tetsurou likes Kanna, and understands what he's trying to do. Yet, she doesn't want to seem him hurt himself. I think that wanting to preserve the status quo friendship rather than trying to actively pursue love that might ruin said friendship is a common dilemma in many romantic comedies. I guess this can make the viewers empathize for the characters because many people may experience similar internal struggles.

People do some crazy things when they're drunk, don't they? I think one of the more telling lines of the episode, or perhaps even the first three, is Remon's lines, saying that teenage love can be ephemeral, if you really want it, you need reach out and grab it. When she says that, Mio successfully reached out and grabbed Tetsurou, though she wasn't able to say what she truly felt. Kanna on the other hand had no such luck; when she was about to grab Kaito, she was interrupted. Could this be foreshadowing?

So after an entire episode of running the misunderstanding to the ground, they finally clear things up, but decide not to talk about it. However, Ichika hits the nail on the head with her playful inquisition. How will this play out next episode? Surely it won't be another misunderstanding. Also, TV-sized ED get!