Ano Natsu de Matteru 02 - Dynamite Drink

Following how the episode ended last week, this week's installment would obviously follow up with the explanation. But before that, there was a short prologue that showed Ichika moments prior to her crash landing on Earth. Though vauge, I think it's safe to assume that accidentally found the place that she's looking for. Trees and lakes can only mean Earth right? Then again, there have been plenty of alien planets in anime that look almost identical to Earth. What are her motivations? "I just wanted to look for something, so I went on a journey." Based on her monologue and her reactions after Kanna mentioning parents, I think it's likely that she went ahead and made this journey on a whim, and her family didn't exactly agree on her decision.

Kaito's got a really understanding sister. I love how she cries and laughs almost hysterically. She's very affectionate in this weird sort of way. I also wonder if they'll ever bring up how they lost their parents. Rather than having something to do with the story, it'll probably tie in to the theme about how to people that are gone live on in their memories. I think in this case, it might be how Ichika will live on in both their memories and the movie if she ever leaves Earth.

Why is she naked!? I actually didn't catch this until my rewatch for screenshots. Anyways, gossip sure spreads quickly. Kanna calls Mio, Mio calls Tetsurou, and Tetsurou probably calls Remon. That being said, Kanna sure was mad jelly this entire episode. It'll probably stay that way until the end of the show. Some random unrelated questions I had throughout the episode: Do girls really spend that much on clothes in a trip? Is it better to lie and say the food tastes good or just be honest and say it's terrible?

Dat monotone ufufufu and her lock-picking-drink-spiking antics. I thought it was pretty funny getting them all drunk and observing their reactions. I know the common sentiment is that people express their true feelings when under the influence. That wasn't really the case for Kanna, Tetsurou, and Mio. Aside from Kanna calling out the main couple, I think all three are pretty much unsure of what to do in the complicated love polygon. It's obvious that Kanna likes Kaito, and there have been subtle hints that Mio likes Tetsurou. I don't think it'd farfetched to say Tetsurou likes Kanna either, given his "I'm the idiot" line. Things could get interesting down the road.

This MC sure is high maintenance. We're going to see a kiss an episode at this rate. Keeping him alive will probably be part of the main dilemma in future episodes. There were two things that bothered me from this episode though. The first was when Kanna was grilling Ichika when under the influence of the lemon drank. The spotlight was on her and everyone was waiting for her to answer, and all of sudden a dancing small animal thing! Everyone laughs crazily and just lets it go. Sure bailed her out from saying anything further. The second thing that bothered me was at the end of the episode. It looked to me like Kaito was going to confess right on the spot. Then she pretty much said, "Don't say it man, we still have ten episodes left." Did he just get rejected? Perhaps she wants to be the one to confess? They both know their feelings are mutual, so there's no need to say it out loud? Maybe we'll get the real meaning in the next episode.