Xbox "720" Rumors and Random Gaming Thoughts

I know i'm behind on my weekly show postings, but I haven made any gaming related posts in a while, so I figure it's time to post another edition of my random thoughts. 

For starters, the WiiU is the only console revealed officially out of the three main gaming systems, but we have some info on the next gen Xbox system.

After browsing Gamespot and IGN, I found that the new Xbox will have up to 6times better graphic performance over the "360". They also go on to state that this will be 20% more than the WiiU's graphic capabilities. Now lets stop and think critically for a second here, they are saying that the WiiU will be 4.8times MORE powerful than the "360". This is huge news to Nintendo fans, and game producers; this will allow Nintendo to finally step onto the HD stage and get some attention from third party game studios. Now lets look at the "360", just how many games out there are actually able to reach the systems limitations? I know of a lot of games that do not utilize the amount of hardware the system gives them, whereas the Wii pretty much limited the graphic quality to that of cell-shadeing for most of it's games, since it lacked HD. This seems more like a boost to Nintendo than the Xbox. The Xbox is also rumored to have smaller controllers and utilize BlueRay discs, it will be interesting to see what the WiiU will use for disks.

With that being said, there's a rumor that the new Xbox system will not allow buyers to play "used games", meaning that you can't let your friend borrow your game before he goes out to buy it himself. This would be a huge blow to business's such as EB or Gamestop, where they generate (I imagine) a lot of sales with the selling of used games or game-trade-ins. 

Some info on the PS Vita has surfaced with a huge lack of sales in Japan last week. Apparently the 3DS, Xbox 360, and PS3, each individually outssold the Vita. The boys at Sony declared that "this is a usual trend and it will make sales down the road". When we look at it a bit closer, there are practically no games out for the Vita, much like when the 3DS was first sold. The 3DS made the right choice to ship out earlier than the Vita to; A: eliminate competition, and B: they have a ton of awesome top quality games being released very soon and there has already been a price reduction for the handheld.  

Moving on to Games in general. 

Z.W.E.I                New Blonde Taki              Maxi pants                      Ivy   

Soul Calibur V is set to "replace" some of the existing characters from Soul Calibur IV, such as Taki, Cassandra, Xianghua, Kilik and Sophitia. There is however quite a few new faces, mainly due to the replacements, which I am not too thrilled about. There are currently 20 characters but I figure this number will jump to around 25-27 with the addition of special unlocked characters and perhaps some others that have not been released to the public yet in wait of its January 31st release for N.A. 

And finally I want to touch on Capcom's Resident Evil EXTRAVANGANZA!!!

there are 3 brand new Resident Evil titles coming out between now and next year.
RE: Revelations for the 3DS only.
RE: Operation Raccoon City.
RE 6.