Guilty Crown 14 - Tsugumi Overload

Well that was an episode I was screaming nope the whole time. This is quickly becoming one of the anime I look forward to every week. Not because it is good, but because it is just so bad it is good. Nothing like a good laugh at this show, I am always wondering what crazy new ass pull they will attempt while trying to remain serious. At least they ended strongly this episode with this Tsugumi end card.

The student council president really made a horrible leader. It isn't hard, just find a scapegoat and you put the public at someone else's throat. Her end goal was to buy her father time, instead of telling the truth, you find a scapegoat and focus everyone's attention on it so time passes which is the end goal. She can't handle simple politics or even pressure from the opposition. She even lacks in the charisma department, how was she still leader?

This hurt so much. Combine this and that new OP and they are clearly shutting out any of the other harem mix. Especially Hare, she literally just whoring herself out to Shoe but still stands no chance. The harem is clearly standing out with Gai out of the picture and everyone turning their attention to Shoe instead. My guess is being a clone will catch up to her in the end and she will die right after/before she accepts Shoe formally.

Oh ya baby, I love when they have power levels in a show. Now we have a gauge of how useful and expendable characters are! I just found it funny they coincidentally found exactly what they needed to sort out voids with Gai gone now. Why would they even make a tool like this, so far only Shoe has ever pulled voids out and we got that other guy that might be able to too. That is like handing Shoe a free gift, it couldn't have been for anyone else but him if they conveniently found it on the corpses they killed.

They really pushed the whole school rape thing all episode. The were aiming for it all episode, funny how they made up the tattoo on back thing as an excuse to get girls to take their shirt off. I was wondering when one of them would fight back though. At least Inori had the sense to actually use her fighting prowess which scored some points for her. It was sad to see Ayasa lose so easily though. I couldn't stop laughing when they were came out gagged and captured. Not enough missile kicks.

First magical walls that just appeared like they planned to seal off their own city from day one, now they move? How does this world even work? They intend to close up the area by moving the walls inwards, how are those walls so powerful they can push down the buildings? Even if they could, eventually too much debris is left behind and the walls shouldn't be able to move anymore. As always, Scarface showed how awesome of a villain he was. A character that can actually think, it is unbelievable.

That magic wand D: It seems so useless, how did it get such a high rating? The only use I see is mass confusion with clones running around; What a shitty void. I wonder how it relates to her character though, most of them kinda worked out, this one was wtf? She gets a whole flash scene of her being super lonely in the past so now she can clone people?

This ending, the real person that wanted to be student council president. I see him dropping the betrayal card again in the future. He just pushed Shoe up as the leader so he could be the one pulling the puppet strings. Watching Shoe man up for a split second to defend his harem was nice even if it was completely out of character. I swear when you have a show built on pulling deus ex machinas out of characters, there is no end to what crazy stuff they can come up with to make you rage at your screen.