Last Exile: Fam 12 - Queen of Turan

Sorry for delays due to Christmas; Also I have been playing Catherine. Starting it off in hard mode is tough. Those tips they tell you at the end would have helped if I didn't need to figure it out on my own... This was a nice episode after that trash recap episode was got last week. We get to meet a bunch of other characters from the first season. They are clearly setting up the crazy mystery Russian faction to team up with the characters to beat the federation. Not a bad episodes with things finally moving pretty quickly.

We finally learn the sister is still alive, I wasn't too surprised to see this. She was way too important a character to be lost so soon. It was sad to see she had been complete broken in and obeying the federation. To see how she sold out so badly, I wonder what her motivations is. Clearly the younger sister was doing fine, leave it to the older sister to ruin everything. I just found it interesting that the ships all followed the new leadership the second she showed up in an enemy ship; Blind loyalty at its best.

That other ship looked awesome, much better then the Sylvius. It was still such a big surprise that all those ships turned on them so quickly. Where did they find all those Turan soliders to man those ships? I was under the assumption they were partly crewed by the pirates and the Sylvius crew. I guess the escape was believable at least. Their were only a few ships and they were probably undermanned based on their tiny alliance.

Then came the lightsaber fight. Dio was at one point the best, there is no way he can lose right? Apparently the guild seems to be so siding with the federation. The federation seems to have their cards stacking up. They have the Queen that can control exile on top of help from the guild. I know Dio is better though, he will beat all those other nub guild members!

Soon the mystery Russian nation will join them too. It will be the brawn they need to fight back an overpowered federation at the moment. They are clearly already warming up to Fam. They will be sure to swoop and save her and probably bring them into the country. We will finally be formally introduced to them after getting so much random screen pans to them, it is about time.