Ben-To 12 - Orthrus' Weakness

This episode!!! OH GOD! I really didn't see this coming at all. All it was missing was animating the whole final fight, but I'll forgive them with such an awesome episode. My mind was blown away, I had no idea what to expect for this episode. An absolutely amazing finale, especially compared to Fate/Zero that I just watched.

I was 100% sure the ice witch would do some crazy magic for this final fight. For her to sit out of the finale episode was mind blowing. Watching her give all these hnnngggg scenes was crushing. I was wondering how they would make a sick girl win her battles, it was nice to see her get a break and sleep it off. The world balance is a-okay.

They hyped him up so much. Even with the name Hercules, you would assume he was ridiculously strong. They trolled us so well. He turned out to be one of the weakest characters. It was just a low blow to hit the twins where it hurt. Their goal was always to be a wolf and fighting was integral to it. Money was never an issue unlike all the other characters. By removing the fighting, he crushed their dreams. It was just heart breaking to see the twins to lose to something like this.

What we learned was the world was balanced. In their old city, Hercules was considered strong and Orthrus was absolutely untouchable. Hercules got taken out like trash in this city, so it stands to reason the wolves in this city are stronger. Enough to even match thew mighty Orthrus pair. It was nice to see some battling this episode. I would have loved to see the final brawl with Orthrus but owelz, I will forgive them with such an amazing twists this episode.

The great foreshadowing last episode of Ume hit a nice spot. She made the perfect final appearance when you least expected it. This series was definitely much better then anticipated. I was just expecting a mindless show to watch for some humour but this turned out to be so much more then that. I pray so hard for a season two that probably won't happen. An excellent finale for Christmas!