Mirai Nikki Ep 12 - The Fall of Kurusu

Crazy man with a tiny knife.
This was a very intense episode with a lot of resolved issues that have been built up over the season thus far. With our battle royal between all the future diary holders, we haven't actually had a main villain or protagonist, as almost everyone opposes Yukkii in some way. Kurusu's careful plan to turn Yukkii into a criminal was pretty creative, but the amount of intensity Kurusu gave us was equal to that of a great villain. Kurusu's intense determination to wipe out Yukkii and Yuno was far greater than any of the diary holders so far.

Those eyes!
Kurusu's goal was originally to sacrifice himself and help Uryuu become god to save his son, but with the sudden change in plans, Uryuu needed to forego the alliance and side with Yukkii and Yuno instead. Kurusu decided that the only way to save his son would be to become god himself. Filled with a great amount of determination he went all out in a winner-take-all approach on the newly formed alliance. Kurusu really drove fear into Yukkii's heart more so than anyone else thus far imo. Kurusu had a dissapointing ending with his sudden loss of determination, but it did well to invoke a lot of climax leading up to his demise.
That look, "Go f**k yourself Kurusu!"
I loved the two standoff scenes with Kurusu, they both involved Yukkii and Yuno playing roles as the hostage and opposing force to Kurusu. Yuno really has her bad-ass moments when it comes to protecting Yukkii which I find very exciting.

Yukkii's ability to finally break free of his scared little boy personality allowed him to finally have some courage to change the future by his own hands after shooting Kurusu, even though the diary foretold Yuno being hit instead. Yukkii needed to step into the world of adults after being placed in an unfavorable position. He was able to show great determination, as we have seen subtle and minor changes in his personality and growth over the season.

Those faces crack me up.
Another chance meeting that could only be fate between Uryuu and Nichijima. The two are once again tied together, however this time Uryuu is able to persuade Nichijon to follow her lead as they work to entrap Kurusu and escape the Dead End flag. Uryuu carefullt recorded Kurusu's alliance talk about leaking her information and in doing so forces Nichijima to resign Kurusu as a detective. With Kurusu's role as detective at an end, so is his detective diary's use.

After resolving all of the issues with the police and Kurusu, Yukkii and Yuno were free to live some of their normal lives together. Yukki was finally able to confess his feelings toward Yuno, and it seemed like a happy ending indeed, until the sudden revealing of Yuno's true nature. Yuno is still psychotic, and I am very pleased with this. Yuno was introduced as a crazy stalker with psychotic issues, but later we are convinced that she is normal around Yukki and only does these things for Yukkii. If we followed this logic then Yuno should be normal with no more issues, however it seems Yuno is still a force not to be taken lightly, she still has psychotic plans in store for Yukkii and remains as the main problem for Yukkii to handle. Where does this leave Yukki, we thought everything was resolved with his acceptance of her love, but it seems the plot will thicken as the rest of the diary holders need to be revealed and Yuno is still a mystery case.

Akise will no doubt play an important role in what I believe to be the unveiling of those secret bodies in Yuno's house.