Last Exile: Fam 09 - Cute Girls Doing Cute Field Hockey

Wow, all I could do all episode was scream at my screen in rage! The episode wasn't bad, it just made me angry at all the development that was taking place in a direction I didn't like. All the anime this weekend have been an emotional rollercoaster. I'm not sure if my heart can take much more, there is still Ben-To to go too.

They picked up right where they left off last week at least. Full off pain watching herself get replaced with a princesses. At least it was very apparent she intended to return home after they finished, and they finally reached that goal.  Adding to her pain knowing that Fam wouldn't want to go must be a huge burden. I just feel so bad for her, she is the bestest navigator and no one could ever replace her.

That feeling when she even knows what food she likes and you have been fully replaced. I guess from the other perspective, Giselle is just being emo and should just leave. Replaced with a blond version of her, everyone knows blond girls sell better! She just needs to cope with a new girl in the harem for Fam.

It was nice to have a loli version of them come up. They look so cute, how can you turn them down! To see how their paths crossed and leading to their life's dream was nice. Then again, why wouldn't they become pilots, Giselle's father is the leader of the sky pirates. I don't think that just happened overnight, or the father decided "I'm going to be a sky pirate now that my child wants to fly!" Their fate as pilots were already set.

Then we get some random field hockey moment. I failed to understand the point of this but owelz. How were they randomly sliding along the deck of the ship like skates? Ship hull's don't work like that! So next week will probably be a big episode, it is the only reason they didn't include a preview. They have something to hide!