Fate/Zero 11 - The Worth of Kings

Wow this episode was ridiculously good. I was not expecting the best part about Rider to be made into a full episode. They just constantly out-do themselves every episode, god, Fate/Zero is just too good (if you forget that shitty Rin episode). All they were missing was Lancer joining their tea party to make it perfect; Nvm he would just turn everything emo with his tragedy awaiting him.

Second they announced Rider was coming, I was like "OH YA!!!". It was interesting to see the a meeting of the kings to discuss what they thought was the best way to lead a county. All 3 of them had very unique view points of how to lead a nation. On a side note, I think I agree mostly with what Rider has to say. It is one thing to understand and sympathize with the citizens, but you can not act like that. You most always portray yourself as untouchable or people will start to lose hope around you.

Gilgamesh shows that he is completely greedy. The more "traditional" ruler that really cares for no one but himself. Then you have the other polar opposite, Saber that only cares for the citizens and knows nothing about acting like a king. I find those 2 extremes interesting to see. Then you have the perfect balance, Rider. He knows both how to act and what he should be concerned about. He really makes the best king of them.

As for wishes, it makes sense. He has found a new challenge, a new world to conquer and he wants to experience it. I agree that Saber's wish is stupid too. Even if you could change the past, why would you? Even if you failed, life goes on. The country is still standing and doing fine, their is no guarantee any changes you do to the past will ripple out well. It is just a stupid petty wish, especially if Saber really thinks it is the best for her people. In the end, it is just another selfish wish to have peace of mind that it wasn't her fault; She is clearly not fit to be a king.

It was a very interesting episode. The premise is that Rider actually has a reality marble threw me off. Those are usually reserved for Caster or one specific imba Archer. Combine that with his super mount, I think he is pretty overpowered servant. I can't wait to see how he matches up with Saber now, he still has not had a real battle. Fate/Zero back on top of my favourite shows right now!