Ben-To 10 - The Fall of the Ice Witch

It has been 3 long weeks without my Ben-To brawls, great to see it back in full force and better then ever. They have set things up nicely for the finale, we have the appearance of our final boss. I wonder if they will have a short training arc too? Still hoping Ume shows up and saves they day, she is clearly strong enough to compete with them. Btw: Anyone else notice the new OP? Sure late in the series to change so much in the OP.

Even with all the action, they always manage to fit in the small does of Aeba. Nothing like some random bad luck for people passing by. We get introduced to a new wolf, Orthos. I wonder how it got that name if no one remembered it? Wouldn't something related to darkness be more suited? Their would be no way of knowing it was a pair unless you were the viewer.

Mandatory fanservice time. The twins personality feels so odd. The long haired sister flips around randomly at everything. She has zero stability and pretty much does whatever she wants. Then the other sister just kind of goes along with whatever crazy antics the long haired sister has. I can't say I like them, but at least they are always spontaneous on what they will say next.

I think the ice witch is finally showing signs of liking our main character. She seems to be looking out for him more and more, past the whole club member thing. Maybe their relationship will bloom a bit before the end of the anime? Probably a long shot since they like to keep the status quo in anime like these.

OH GOD HOW DO BASKETS WORK!?!?!? I don't know about you, if my basket started spewing darkness, I'd stop using it. Those are some funky dark arts baskets. It was an interesting battle technique they came up with at least. With such amazing animation dedicated to this fight, at least the budget in the last two episodes that was saved went to good use.

Very clear they will have a final showdown with the two of them vs the half price food gang.I was just surprised they finally revealed themselves openly after hiding their identity for so long. I wonder what devious tactic they will come up with to combat the baskets of death. Ben-To looking good again after the last two weeks slowing down significantly.