Gundam Age 10 - The Fate of Fooder

A full episode dedicated to the battle, we finally get more some more drama back! The new Gundam design was better but I still found it quite boring. They are just too "box" like, not streamline enough. I am getting bored of the obvious power balance that does not exist in this show. I am considering dropping this show at this point. Not that I can't write a post about it, but it is boring to watch. I have better things to do then rage about horrid balance.

I just found it funny that it was considered a legit acknowledge strategy. Let those guys fooder for the Gundam and White wolf! Why would the fooder matter though, they do no damage, they could just ignore it; Damn these skewed tactics. All they need to do is mass produce those super "drill" lasers and those fooder could already be useful. Damn this balanceless world.

Then we get a five mins scene for our second real death in this anime.They made such a big deal about it I thought it was actually going to do something. At least the balance of this was fine, fooder is fooder in the end. The only touching part of this part was seeing the lackeys follow him in, too bad it was a lesson in vanity; Another wasted life.

After a long wait, we finally get to see the new dagger Gundam. Then again, it is less of a dagger and more the size of a machette. I know they were going for dagger but that thing is way too big. I just found it hilarious there were boosters on his arm to help him swing faster. At least that works... in theory. The real question is how did that mobile suit survive after all those attacks? It is like Flint wanted him to get away.

Humans can, it is called war,  there have been plenty of them too.I just found it funny how he believed they weren't human, he has even met one. Next week, we finally get our purple hair girl back, it has been way too long. Hopefully things will start to go a bit better with the whole balance issue, people seem to lose and win because of the matchup. At least give the fooder a chance! Think Endless Waltz, the fooder slowly overwhelmed them; Power in numbers!