Koukai Senjou no Horizon ep 11: Aoi Toori and the electric plug

I'll be honest, though this episode is quite good, I expected much more.

 He takes the power of Musashi...

 And gives it to his allies with himself as something like a regulator or meditator

Most of my disappointments come from Tooris power. I really expected a lot more awesomeness to his power. Before this episode Toori acted more like a support character and guess what? His power is also a support type. I'm still optimistic however about what else he will bring out. So hopefully electric plugs isn't all of his power.

And the thing that got me spinning was with Innocentius. Think back to how we first saw him and how he acted back then. He is quite serious right? But in this episode they completely destroyed the way we see him. Definitely not a good idea to just twist the way we see character when we already have certain expectations from him.

 Awesome concepts for the use of magic

Innocentius and the Armament of Lust

Anyway... All of the fight scenes in this episode were well played and orchestrated. All except for when Tooris forces fought the forces of Innocentius. That battle was a bit... slow. Until now all fight scenes were fast paced and stuffed with action. Guess that wasn't the point of this particular battle. But if electric plugs is all of Tooris power then this battle was really bad. Cause there wasn't some epic build up to Toori having the need to use his power. Hopefully you get what I'm trying to say.

I found myself attracted to Futayo as I did with Kimi Aoi (-_-") 

Ok, the final battle was between Muneshige Tachibana and Futayo Honda and the little debate they had before they fought reminded me Gintama. You won't understand me unless you actually watch a lot of the Gintama series. Now that isn't a bad thing but this episode had a lot of unnatural character twists and change of pace so....it was something.

 Muneshige points his cannon at Musashi, What will happen next ~(0.0)~

Conclusion: Overall this episode was weird but still good. I may be quite biased to say that despite having more complaints than entertainment. But the truth of the matter is I still had fun, for real...I'm just hoping Toori has more up his sleeve and the series comes to a good end if not an awesome end.