Gundam Age 09 - The Evil UE

Another boring Gundam Age episode. This show is just too cliched that it hurts. It is painfully obvious what will happen. I guess without the appeal of good looking Gundams like the other series, there is nothing to look forward to. It also helps the other series dealt with more "worldly" issues, with other forces at play, even if they never actually do anything.

Only 2 parts this episode stood out. First was the acknowledgement that this new "upgrade" was terrible. Funny that they didn't drag out this change for longer. We will be getting our improved version next episode, knife mode! I still laugh at how stupid an idea this version of the Gundam was. The UE is clearly toying with them, btw, when will we get that purple hair girl back?

Well played, very well played. The captain manipulated this perfectly. He is going to turn out to be one of the bad guys based on how he is manipulated the whole crew around his fingers. Last episode it was Flit, now her. The UE are being played off as evil so badly in this scene. It will be funny when we learn they aren't, I know it is coming. If their goal was truly to terrorize, they would have already won.

So now they are a rouge ship that will soon be chased by everyone, where have I seen this scenario before? How about every other Gundam series? They really need to invent something a bit new and refreshing. Even the Gundam styles in this series are pretty generic. It could also be their drawing style they are using for this series. Everything is drawn with no shading feels off, it makes it look simpler. I am still awaiting more emo land in my Gundam, it has been way too straight forward lately...