Ben-To 09 - The Return of Ume

I must say, I am a Ume fan and still found this episode pretty boring. I was anxiously awaiting her return for quite some time now; This was not the answer I was looking for. It has been 2 weeks now without our Ben-To brawls, The show just seems empty without them. I was loving this anime so much lately, this has been a major step back.

Dat cat suit!

Well, it wasn't a total Ume episode. We had Aebi for the first bit of the episode. That bento she made, I had similar experience with all those microwavable frozen foods. I am always surprised how they can make food taste so different from how it looks. Tbh, I was expecting the bento to kill him, or pass on the super unluckness over. It seemed way to simple D:

Ume's reappearance started off strong though. They showed how the 2 new characters will be integrated into the story other then just chasing the ice witch around. It is almost like they were setting up Ume to enter the battling scene too, I was eagerly awaiting their battle; Alas, it didn't happen. They are really missing out without the fighting lately, it was staple for this series.

I didn't need half my episode dedicated to a Ume yuri season. It is all fun and games for a short scene, but when it is the focus of the episode, it is pretty boring. It was just like those ecchi anime that never go anywhere to keep things slightly PG. They really need to get back to the core strengths of this series.

It was just sad that all the shows this weekend was disappointing. I look forward to the weekend due to all the good stuff airing. As the series start to ramp up for the final stretch, I hope it will end with a bang instead of a fizzle. Can't stress enough they really need to move towards back to their core strengths, they been deviating to more fanservice base lately, sigh sigh.